Killingsworth proposes overhaul of parking system, additional parking

An orange parking zone located at the Campus Inn Apartments, a university owned dorm by Salls Hall. (Zach Tyler/The Chanticleer)An orange parking zone located at the Campus Inn Apartments, a university owned dorm by Salls Hall. (Zach Tyler/The Chanticleer)

Scott Young, News Editor

Dr. Don Killingsworth, the acting president of Jacksonville State University, has proposed getting rid of the four-zone parking system and returning to having only two parking zones: one for faculty and staff and one for students.

“The Chief and I have talked about possible changes and we will pull together a team to evaluate the first of the year,” said Killingsworth.

Killingsworth said that if any changes are made to the parking system, they will take place in the fall of 2020. He said that changing the system in the middle of an academic calendar year would be “logistically hard to do”.

“I have a big problem with the students in a green zone who are trying to get to a class and they can’t park in a silver zone when the weather is bad and they get a ticket,” he said. “That’s very confusing and seems counterproductive to us being here for the students. So, let’s have a student zone and a faculty and staff zone. It worked for many years before.”

Killingsworth said that he wants to bring the University Police Department and students together to discuss these changes to the parking system and determine if the system is working properly.

Since fall of 2008, JSU has operated under a four-zone parking system: gold for faculty and staff, silver for commuters, green for north residents and orange for south residents.

“We’re gonna try and get everything in operation and for the Fall of 2020,” said Killingsworth.

Killingsworth also said that his administration is looking at alternative parking spaces and building a parking deck on campus.

“Parking has always been an issue since I was a student here in the 90’s and it is still the same issue,” he said. “I think it’s time for JSU to get a parking deck.”

Many students have expressed concern around campus about the lack of parking and the amount of parking that has been closed off due to campus construction.

Killingsworth said that he and Jim Brigham, the vice president of finance and administration, are brainstorming ideas for the expansion of parking around campus.

“Two locations have surfaced that have really good potential for parking: between the stadium on the scoreboard side and Stephenson Hall, where you can actually pull in the bottom like a four-level deck and you can actually turn in from Trustee Circle,” he said. “The other would be where Wallace Hall sits currently to help with parking for the library, softball, McGee, Martin and so forth.”

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