Will you participate in national novel writing month?

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Miranda Prescott, Arts & Entertainment Correspondent

November is a beautiful time for me, personally. A week-long break from school happens in November, and I will not find anyone complaining about that, especially after the high tension that comes to fruition during finals week that comes shortly after. I also celebrate my birthday, and it usually leads in all through the month in one large celebratory occasion. I love everything about November, really I do. The colder weather, the winding down of the semester that comes after the mass panic from midterms, basically everything related to the month, I am down for.

However, there is one portion of the month that I absolutely dread. I cannot stand to think about it, but it lingers over everything I do. It is one fact that exists in the month that causes problems for anyone who loves creative writing and just writing in general.

November is also called National Novel Writing Month.

For those who do not know, National Novel Writing Month, which is shortened by most people with the acronym NaNoWriMo, is the month where writers are encouraged to write an entire novel. In the span of 30 days or less. A typical novel takes, at a minimum, a year to write, edit, rewrite and edit again. The challenge is to complete everything that takes this long in a twelfth of the usual time span for an entire novel to take shape.

It is all the writing prompt accounts on social media can talk about these days. It is sandwiched between the Halloween prompts and the holiday prompts like a beautifully ugly creation. The constant promotion gets really unnerving for me. It makes me shudder every time I think about it. I do not understand how anyone can be happy writing a whole novel in a month.

Also, for anyone participating in this challenge, how will they be able to deal with writer’s block without failing. It takes weeks or months for me to get over writer’s block. If your writing style is anything like mine, then you get writer’s block quite often. This makes the challenge a hundred times worse. If you cannot get over the rut that this horrid disease puts you in, then the chances of you succeeding in this challenge is next to none. Actually, the chances of completion are probably in the negatives.

A typical novel is anywhere from 50,000 to 250,000 words. If you were to set a word count everyday for the month, it would be approximately 1,700 to 8,400 words a day. That is equivalent to a five to 15 page research paper. As a college student, are they really promoting that idea to me?

I can barely write my papers by the deadline, much less a whole novel. The whole concept is absolutely ridiculous.

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