Review: Top Netflix crime documentaries to binge

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Netflix may be a bit slow when releasing new seasons for their most popular shows, including Netflix Originals, but they have managed to bring about an extensive, high quality crime documentary section that I have currently been obsessing over for months. Here are the top four crime documentaries that had me hooked from the very beginning:

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes— There are a total of four episodes in this limited series on the malicious killer Ted Bundy. This documentary series became increasingly popular since its release date in January of this year. Along with the fascination that is easily associated with Ted Bundy and his notorious killings, the audience was able to finally hear the tapes of the killer speaking with a reporter. The tapes are incredibly unique because Ted speaks as if he’s examining the killer instead of him being the actual killer. The series not only shares parts of the tapes, it goes through the entire horrific life of Bundy and talks of the killings he committed.

Abducted in Plain Sight— This documentary detailing an abduction of a little girl in the early 1970’s is truly mind boggling and utterly frustrating to viewers. Throughout the series while the story of how the abduction came to be plays out, the family of the little girl named Jan shares their sides of the story, and how they played a major part in it. Jan was abducted by a family friend, a second dad to her and her siblings. The family didn’t alert authorities right away when Jan went missing because they knew she was with him. They let her stay with him for a couple of days before calling the cops. What sane parents would do that? Something even crazier that happened during this challenging part of the family’s life is that the parents of the abducted girl, both parents, had affairs with the child’s abductor. In order to fully grasp the chaotic concept of this documentary you simply have to watch it.

The Disappearance of Madeline McCann— There are currently eight episodes on Netflix, making up season one. Madeline disappeared when she was three years old at the time. She disappeared while she was on vacation with her family in Portugal in 2007. The series focuses on trying to figure out who abducted Madeline. Even the parents are questioned due to their lack of parental watch during the time she was taken from their apartment while on holiday. Watching the series causes you to question every one involved in Madeline’s life, and, unfortunately, her remains have not been found and nobody has any idea of what happened to her as of today.

Evil Genius— This 2018 documentary series focuses on an incredibly diabolical woman who pulled off one of the biggest bank heists in history. During the beginning of the four part series you see the murder of Brian Wells literally happen. A bomb is strapped to him and he blows up, and the mastermind behind this entire plan plays the victim throughout the series, blaming her doings on close friends and relatives. The series will keep you guessing, and wondering how someone could do this to another human being and how she pulled this off for so long before getting caught.

These true crime documentaries are captivating from start to end. I love crime shows and mysteries and learning about how serial killers have been caught, and what mistakes they made in order to get caught.

I encourage everybody to watch at least one of these documentaries even if it’s not something they typically watch. It doesn’t take much to get hooked on documentaries, especially if they are crime documentaries. Check them out.

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