Review: Netflix releases new movie ‘Holiday in the Wild’

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Alyxxis JonesA&E Correspondent

Out with the horror of October and in with the romance of November. The beginning of November marks the official start of, what college students like to call, “cuffing season.” What would be a better way of celebrating the cold weather than sitting in your room binge watching a holiday romance movie? One film that viewers should watch this season is the Netflix original “Holiday in the Wild.” Directed by Ernie Barbarash, the movie was set to be released the 1st of November 2019. “Holiday in the Wild” relates to most Hallmark style films. It’s upbeat, and always pushing the cast in a positive way.

In the beginning of the movie, the main character “Kate” faces many challenges. Her son is leaving for college, she’s trying to find success in her career, and her husband is filing for divorce after several years of marriage. Everyone in her life is moving on from her while she’s left figuring out what to do. Instead of getting depressed about her issues, she decides to stay positive. She moves on with her life for the sake of her son and her own pride. She goes on a much needed trip and lands in Africa. This exotic getaway is an escape from reality and stresses of life that she’s dealing with. The trip is positive for Kate. It shows her what she wants to do with her life. It becomes a trip for Kate to find herself. The movie shows empowerment and pushes individuals to place their worth above all.

After one day at the location, she meets a hunk played by Rob Lowe named “Derek.” Derek has it all. He’s single, a pilot, he cares about the local wildlife and is a total dreamboat. This guy is definitely unrealistic. However, he does have everything that Kate needs in a man. The film influences the protection of Africa’s natural wildlife. Specifically, this involves the elephant reserves. Poachers kill several wild elephants for their ivory tusks. Sometimes, this leaves baby elephants having to fend for themselves. Reserves like the one in “Holiday in the Wild” take care of these orphans and later releases them in the wild.

From Popular 80’s Movies like “The Outsiders” and “St.Elmo’s Fire” Comes vetran actor Rob Lowe. Netflix scored huge with getting Rob to play in this film and it does a ton to help the Netflix film. Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis do a great job in the movie as Derek and Kate. Many of the Netflix original films are very low budget and many times it shows in the quality of the movie, “Holiday in the Wild” Contrary to the norm has a very high quality production with a much more well trained cast and crew.

The Unusual direction of the plot is interesting: being that it is a romance movie surrounded by the very real problem of poaching…specifically to elephants. This movie suffers however in writing, when you start to tear away the plot of the movie it really just turns into another romance movie. Predictable… as you wait for the conclusion which generally in romance movies is the same.

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