JSU presents 11th annual ‘Tubaween’

(Courtesy of Valdosta.edu)(Courtesy of Valdosta.edu)

Miranda PrescottArts & Entertainment Correspondent

The Jacksonville State University Music Department presented its 11th annual TubaWeen on Tuesday, October 29th. The performance featured ensembles from the JSU Tuba Euphonium Ensemble, the JSU Steel Band Ensemble and the JSU Encore! Show Choir.

The first half of the show featured songs such as “Jacksonville’s Tubaween Song,” “Witch Doctor,” “A Thousand Years,” “Ways to be Wicked,” “I’ll Kill You That Way” and “Little Shop of Horrors Medley.” Soloists featured were Chris Boles, Neiahjua Tucker, Mary Grace Hendley, Jared Stephens, Ezra Bryant, Jonah Aaron, Jameson Willis, Jacob Stancil, Jessica Collier, Baydon White, Colby Davis and Devorah Straub.

The intermission was very interactive with the audience. The Tuba Euphonium Ensemble hosted a Trick-or-Treat and a Costume Contest for varying age groups.

The second half of the show featured songs such as “Terminator 2 Theme,” “The Munster’s Theme,” “Tales from the Crypt,” “Halloween Suite,” “Thriller” and “Black Magic Woman.” Soloist were featured in “Thriller.” They were Jacob Callahan and Jameson Willis. “Black Magic Woman” was also performed alongside the JSU Steel Band Ensemble.

TubaWeen is an annual tradition that started in 2008. This year, the event was held in Leone Cole, and is typically during the week of Halloween or in the days leading up to the holiday. For more information on any concerts the music department will hold in the future, visit the music calendar at http://www.jsu.edu/music/even_calendar.html.

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