Easy last minute Halloween costumes

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Halloween is finally here and with that comes all different types of events and parties to attend. It’s customary to wear some sort of costume to these events and parties dedicated to the festive holiday, so if getting a costume for the big night has slipped the mind, here are some easy last-minute Halloween costumes to try out.

  1. Smartypants: If you’re really in a bind and desperate, an easy costume consists of only glue dots and several rolls of smarties, ya know, the candy. Use the glue dots to attach the packets of candy to your pants and boom, you’re a smartypants. To really add to it, you could add accessories such as a book or even glasses. 
  2. Bachelorette: I simply included this in the list because I find it to be unique and very clever. I never would have thought of this. Simply all you need would be a stunning outfit, perhaps a romper of some sort, and some roses to hand out to some lucky guys. Definitely quick and simple, and a great conversation starter to use at a party I’m sure. 
  3. Cereal Killer: This is definitely a very punny costume for those who enjoy a good pun every now and then. Take some empty cereal boxes around your house, preferably small cereal boxes, and attach them to your shirt with plastic knives stuck in them. Simple enough, and the costume is sure to get a few laughs amongst friends and guests.
  4. Catdog: 90’s babies at heart will appreciate this gem of a costume idea. This is also a stellar idea if you’re wanting a costume idea that works for two people. Carrying out this costume idea successfully will require yellow shirts with brown spots on them (which could be cut out construction paper) and cute name tags, along with precisely drawn whiskers and ears. 
  5. Old lady ft. life alert button: This was too funny not to add to the list. This is another collaborative costume idea for friends or couples. Surely everybody has some old clothes that could pass for an older woman, add some gray hair spray and there ya go. Next comes the life alert button. Simply draw a huge red button on some poster board and use some string to form a necklace to hold the sign up. This is one of the funniest ideas I’ve ever heard of. 
  6. Elliot from E.T.: I’m always up for including a fuzzy creature for Halloween costume ideas, especially if they’re fairly simple. All anybody needs in order to be Elliot from E.T. is a red hoodie and a bike with a basket on it for your furry companion. Making it even more believable isn’t too hard either. The furry companion that tagged along could even have some sort of sheet or towel wrapped around it, like E.T. did in the film. 
  7. Tourist: By far one of the easiest, if you have an embarrassing flowery-patterned shirt that is. Just put on the embarrassing shirt along with a floppy hat, khaki shorts, oh and don’t forget to grab a camera on the way out. An actual camera, phones do not count.
  8. Skeleton: A skeleton should be very quick and simple. Focus on the facial makeup and the only other thing that needs to be done is wear all black. It’s quick and something that doesn’t take a lot of skill to carry out.
  9. Cowboy/cowgirl: The items needed for this are pretty easy to obtain here in southern Alabama. A plaid shirt is a must, as well as good fitting jeans, boots and a cowboy hat. Extra points if a huge belt buckle can be spotted.
  10. Damien from “Mean Girls”: This will be my next Halloween costume no doubt. Damien from the hit movie “Mean Girls” is iconic and will definitely receive countless prizes in costume competitions for creativity. To carry out this costume idea all that’s needed is a hoodie and sunglasses, along with a way to present Damien’s famous line from the film “She doesn’t even go here!”

I hope that these last minute costume ideas help those who procrastinated until the last second. I’ve been there before and I have loved seeing such creative and simple costumes that I could create. I urge anyone who uses one of these costume ideas for your event to email me a picture of you in it at bhill1@stu.jsu.edu, so I can share it on The Chanticleer website and social media platforms.

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