Review of the mysterious drama “In The Tall Grass”

"In the Tall Grass" is a 2019 Netflix film based on previous works by Stephen King and Joe Hill. (Photo courtesy of Netflix)"In the Tall Grass" is a 2019 Netflix film based on previous works by Stephen King and Joe Hill. (Photo courtesy of Netflix)

Alyxxis Jones, Arts & Entertainment Correspondent

Released the October 4, 2019, “In the Tall Grass” is a popular Netflix original film. It is based on previous work done by Stephen King and Joe Hill. This mysterious drama was directed by Vincenzo Natali. Similar to the title of the film, the movie is about people that go into tall grass. When one thinks of grass, the thought of the fresh smell and summer air come to mind. However, this movie takes that thought and turns it around with a terrifying twist.

The movie is centered around an oddly shaped rock. It is hidden within a field of tall grass. This rock is shown to be ancient with many symbols on it. The markings are like lost clues. Only few viewers would actually pay attention to them. Although, the minor details end up predicting the outcome of the film. People stop by the field because they hear helpless and trapped voices calling from beyond the grass. If anyone has ever watched a scary movie, they’d know not to go into some random field of tall grass. Even if they heard a voice telling them to. 

The rock is the most significant part of the film. Characters keep finding themselves near it. They soon discover that it has certain abilities, changing the course of action for them. It has power to control the area of tall grass, to make visions delusions and to create no possible way of escape. People basically just go crazy in a field of grass. The audience is constantly hoping that the characters will escape. Instead, however, more terrors get thrown at them. 

Only one actor in the film is fairly known. The other actors don’t have the best acting abilities. With more experienced actors, the film could have reached its full potential. However, it does have all the basics of a good horror film: a child that brings his family to doom, a murderous father, incestial siblings, and a love struck loner. 

The film shows many different timelines. Each one brings the characters together by the end of the movie. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep track with what is going on. Scenes are constantly changing. The future, present, and past are displayed several times throughout the film. Those watching already know what has or what will happen involving the fate of the characters. This all depends on which characters touch the rock or not. When the take charge father touches it, his mind changes and is open to everything. He becomes a mad man on a killing spree. 

In the end, the audience has some hope left remaining for the young boy and the future of the cast. The love struck loner touches the rock, and doesn’t go mad. He has a sole purpose of saving the child so that he can deliver a message. He prevents future people from entering the field. 

Overall, “In the Tall Grass” was a good movie. It definitely had some flaws. A few of the main characters are fairly unknown actors. Casting could’ve been better. Their acting ability wasn’t the best, which held the film back from showing its true potential. It had an interesting plot that wasn’t easily predicted. The audience was left with some hope as the film ended.

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