Hot Take: YouTube channels that deserve more credit

Joey Graceffa, right, and blogger Daniel Preda, left, in the 2015 music video called "Don't Wait" where Graceffa comes out to his audience as gay. (Photo courtesy of Bustle)Joey Graceffa, right, and blogger Daniel Preda, left, in the 2015 music video called "Don't Wait" where Graceffa comes out to his audience as gay. (Photo courtesy of Bustle)

Miranda Prescott, Arts & Entertainment Correspondent

For the past few years, Netflix has taken over as a major source of entertainment for young adults. They have an expansive library that includes television shows, documentaries and movies that are suitable for all ages and demographics. However, after a while, all of those shows get binge-watched about five times and you find yourself stuck in limbo waiting for the next season of your favorite show. Ultimately, you become bored.

However, the Internet has countless other options for you to be held over while you wait on Netflix and their release schedule. One of those options being YouTube. Personally, I think it is all I watch these days. It is individual creators using their own mind power to produce content they are proud of. While, sure, some of them have the option of sponsorships and production companies at their fingertips, there were times that they couldn’t. 

Although I could write a whole book on my favorite YouTube creators or shows, I will narrow it down to three sources of content I have grown to enjoy over the years, and maybe you can find some new favorites as well.

1. Joey Graceffa

This crystal-loving creator has been making content since close to the beginning of the platform. However, along with his own videos and two extra channels dedicated to gaming and vlogging, he hosts his own YouTube original called Escape the Night. The show features himself and nine other creators solve puzzles and clues to escape the villain that is holding them there. Also, they vote each other to die. The best way I can describe it is a mix between the board game Clue and Dame Agatha Christie’s novel And Then There Were None. The show just wrapped up their fourth season and is a perfect binge for the Halloween season with the lure and events that take place in the series.

2. Smosh

Another channel that has been in the game since the very beginning. Their content is sincerely uplifting, as almost every video in some way shape or form makes me laugh. Watching them grow from their original two founders to being a large channel partnered up with Mythical Entertainment, which is also owned by YouTube creators, has been exciting. This channel is truly a rags to riches story in itself.

3. The Try Guys

Have you been watching Buzzfeed videos recently? Well, if you have, you would notice that these four guys are no longer uploading with them as of last year. Instead, they have branched off and started their own entertainment company. Their content is still about what you would expect from them, with some new series that feature one single member with guest appearances from the other. Since they left their original company, the difference in their personalities is coming in full force. You can tell that they are actually happy with what they are bringing to the table, and that makes watching all the better in the long run.

Again, I do not have time to give a list of all of my YouTube subscriptions, but here are some of my favorites as of recently. Although these are larger channels with more of a following, I thoroughly enjoy some smaller creators as well, and may feature them in another article soon. Your list may also vary from mine, but I hope you check these channels out and find some of your favorites as well.

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