SGA Senate passes anti-hazing, Cabinet eligibility bills

Scott Young, News Editor

The Jacksonville State University Student Senate voted to approve several bills: one that lays out the procedure for placing organizations that haze on probation and one that adds new requirements for members of the presidential cabinet.

Senate Bill 29, introduced by Sen. Justin Jones, states that organizations that are found in violation of university hazing policy and Alabama hazing laws can be put on probation by the SGA and receive sanctions from the Director of Community Standards and Student Ethics.

Organizations put on probation will be prohibited from attending the Organizational Council, a group where campus organizations receive information and updates on SGA and where smaller organizations grow.

The Director of Community Standards and Student Ethics is a university official and their role is to investigate infractions of the Student Code of Conduct.

Sen. Jones said that the bill will bring the SGA and Code of Laws up to standard with the university policy and Alabama hazing laws.

“If an organization wants to be a part of the Organizational Council, they cannot haze,” said Jones. “If they are caught hazing, they will be put on probation from the Organizational Council and the Director of Community Standards and Student Ethics will also be able to impose sanctions.”

Senator Matt Reed questioned Jones about what the probation entails for organizations that are placed on probation.

“They will not be able to attend [the Organizational Council] and, therefore, will not be able to receive allocations from them,” said Jones.

According to Jones, the allocations refer to a reimbursement that organizations can receive from the SGA for money spent on an event or travel. Allocations are signed off by the Vice President of Organizational Affairs and can go up to $600 per organization.

Additionally, the Student Senate passed SB 30, introduced by Sens. Dexter Ferguson and Cindy Danini, which puts in place additional requirements for individuals to meet before they can be nominated to the Presidential Cabinet.

Members of the Presidential Cabinet must have completed 24 credit hours at JSU and be pursuing a major or minor in the school they are seeking to represent, and must have completed 12 credit hours in that school. They must also be a full-time JSU student and cannot hold more than one cabinet position.

The bill establishing a Presidential Cabinet that was passed on Sept. 16 included a 2.5 GPA minimum.

“I think [the bill] enforces similar requirements and future proofs the selection of the Cabinet members so, that way, future presidents won’t be able to add people there at their discretion,” said Ferguson.

Reed raised a concern about online students not attending on-campus classes and asked if those students would still qualify for the Cabinet.

“I guess so,” Danini replied.

Sen. Natalie Walls asked if the authors believed that President Herrera would appoint someone “who’s never stepped foot on campus,” in response to Reed’s inquiry.

“I wouldn’t think he would do that, but it’s possible a future president might,” said Ferguson.

The Student Senate passed the bill with no amendments and without any opposition.

Other business:

  • The SGA Senate passed a bill to change the last day to submit a bill to the Senate from the end of the business day Tuesday to the end of the business day Friday. The bill was tabled in the last meeting due to a typo.
  • The SGA Senate voted to approve President Ulises Herrera’s nomination of Kendal Featherstone to the Presidential Cabinet as a representative of the School of Business and Industry.
  • The SGA Senate tabled President Ulises Herrera’s nominations of José Riviera to the Presidential Cabinet as a representative of the School of Arts and Humanities and Amelia Walker to the Presidential Cabinet as a representative of the School of Education. The nominations were tabled due to the nominees being absent atthe Senate meeting.

Officer reports

Kathleen Seibert, SGA vice president of public relations, urged the SGA to keep posting homecoming flyers and sharing information about homecoming on social media.

Will Bowen, SGA vice president of organizational affairs, said the organizational council recently concluded a meeting and that they discussed how to get organization-related things published to the JSU news or JSU event calendar. 

Desmond Thomas, SGA vice president of student activities, said that there will be a Homecoming Carnival on Wednesday, Oct. 16 at 2 p.m. on the Quad.

Ulises Herrera, SGA president, announced that chaplain applications should be out by this week. He announced that the Hispanic Heritage Month Closing Gala will take place in the MAC gym at the Recreation and Fitness Center on Oct. 10, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and that there will be dinner. Also, Herrera said that interviews were held for dean candidates for the School of Business and Industry and the School of Pre-Health Professions and Wellness and that he hopes that the names of the candidates will be released. 

Jerod Sharp, SGA vice president of student senate, thanked the SGA for their help in making the homecoming showcase a successful event. He urged Senators to keep an eye on the candidates for King and Queen to ensure that they are following the election rules.

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