Hot Take: The Top 5 teams of College Football

Alabama starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa setting up to throw the football down the field. (Courtesy of University of Alabama Athletics)Alabama starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa setting up to throw the football down the field. (Courtesy of University of Alabama Athletics)

Garrett Sanders, Sports Correspondent

The AP Poll comes out every week in college football during the regular season. While it may not mean anything as far as who is in the college football playoffs, it does give us an indication of how well a team is looked at.

As we edge closer to the end of the season, there are plenty of people who debate on who should be the top five going into the postseason. For many teams, this is not relevant. However, to the elite teams of college football, this is very crucial to how they play out their season.

If a team wins consistently each week, then they will be rewarded with a high ranking. But if they play a sloppy game or have any flaws for that given week, then they could be looking at being dropped in the polls.

While the AP Poll does not always have an accurate picture of who should be ranked where they belong, they do bring up debate and controversy from fans and sports analysts everywhere.

As for me, I feel that the deserving top five teams in college football for the current week are different than how the teams are represented in the polls.

First, we have number five. There are a lot of options here, but the one team that stands out to me as a top five team is a Big Ten team, the Ohio State Buckeyes. 

This team is very consistent at winning and could have an argument to be the most complete team in all of College Football. The Buckeyes are a team that has continually dominated week in and week out. They are the epitome of college football. As long as the Buckeyes keep winning dominantly, they should remain in this poll.

Number four coming into this week is yet another Big Ten team. This is a team that no one thought would be in this position where they are now. They smack you in the mouth by running the ball down your throat and playing hardcore defense week in and week out.

What team could this possibly be? The Wisconsin Badgers. The Badgers keep impressing not only fans everywhere, but sports analysts as well. They very well could play a significant role in the college football committee, leaving out a well-deserving team by placing the Badgers over them. If Wisconsin continues at this rate, they should be locked in for the playoffs.

Coming in at number three is going to surprise almost anyone reading this article. This team is in the SEC and has not had very impressive wins on their schedule. However, the talent level on this team is better than you think: the Florida Gators 

The Gators are the number three team in my book. How in the world can I put this team above powerhouses such as Clemson, Georgia and Oklahoma? While each of those teams are deserving of a Top five spot, the difference between these other teams and Florida is their resume. 

Florida has beaten a top 10 team and has the stats to prove themselves worthy of this spot. The Playoff Committee will keep this in mind for Florida moving forward.

Number two is a team that we are all familiar with. They have a tradition of winning national championships year in and year out, but they have taken dominance to a whole new level in the past decade.

The Alabama Crimson Tide are the second-best team in the country. With a Heisman trophy worthy candidate at quarterback and a loaded receiving core, this team is unstoppable. Did I mention they have the best coach in the country? This is, without a doubt, a team that can win a National Championship if they keep their team chemistry alive.

Finally, we have our last and best team in the country. This is a team that has been in the shadows of other teams in the SEC for years but has finally figured it out. They are, without a doubt, the most complete team in college football as of right now.

Point, blank and straightforward, the LSU Tigers are the best team in all of College Football. They have an elite coaching staff, an elite offense that puts up points every week and a defensive unit that is young and inexperienced, yet only getting better. 

The Tigers, in the eyes of the playoff committee, should have the best resume in college football. They have beaten a top 10 team on the road and have dominated every team they have played. This team will be tested, but they will not be denied.

The top five teams in college football can be listed in so many ways. However, this is the best solution that I have come up within the current week of college football. Many will disagree, but many will also applaud this poll. That’s what college football is about.

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