Homecoming candidates announced

The Top 15 Homecoming candidates were introduced at the 2019-20 Homecoming Showcase on Tuesday, Oct. 8. JSU students were able to learn more about the candidates and their philanthropy choices. (Grace Cockrell/JSU)The Top 15 Homecoming candidates were introduced at the 2019-20 Homecoming Showcase on Tuesday, Oct. 8. JSU students were able to learn more about the candidates and their philanthropy choices. (Grace Cockrell/JSU)

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The 2019-20 homecoming meet and greet was held in the TMB auditorium this past Tuesday, giving the chance for any JSU students to gain a bit more insight about the top ten candidates running for homecoming king and queen. Here are the top 15 candidates and a little bit about their philanthropies:

Briley Trammell – Briley’s goal is to raise money to sponsor a student’s cost in The Body Positive program. It costs $199 per course, and she hopes to raise $1,000 for the organization in order to help eight individuals love themselves even more. There are many benefits and opportunities that can arise after completing the program like being able to apply to be a model or a representative of The Body Positive.

Taylor Anne Beckham – Taylor wishes to bring attention to the Youth Health and Wellness program. The program’s goal would be to educate the young people of today about the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle. If elected homecoming queen, Beckham would love to travel across the county to encourage young children to make smart, healthy decisions to create better impacts on their lives. 

Madison Reynolds – Madison wants to shed light on eating disorders and negative body images. She wants to share her own struggles that she has faced, and be able to raise awareness to the harm of eating disorders. She wishes to promote beauty beyond size. She urges everyone to accept the way they are, and that society’s version of beautiful is not something everyone should live by. 

Abbie Beatty – Abbie is promoting special olympics for her philanthropy. Her mission is to provide sports training and athletic competition year round in a variety of Olympic type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. She wants to instill confidence, discuss new skills, demonstrate courage and help various individuals experience joy. 

Briana Caudle – Briana shares that “The Stage is not the Limit” which is targeted to provide encouragement to those with special needs to create confidence to advance them in their everyday lives. She plans on hosting a week long event to educate those with special needs about all things to do with performing arts. 

Brooklyn Heer – Brooklyn’s goal is to advocate for those who are unable to advocate for themselves. She is focusing on domestic violence because she finds it to be a topic that not enough people are discussing today. She plans on bringing awareness to domestic violence, especially on college campuses. 

Meghan Buxton – Meghan’s platform is called ‘Supporting Those Who Supported Us First’. Not only is she partnering with JSU ROTC but she is also partnering with Alabama National Guard. She wants to be able to collect hygiene products around Jacksonville State and with the help of the JSU ROTC program, deliver these products to local units of the Alabama National Guard.

Taylor Snider – Taylor’s campaign titled “Be the Light” is centered around suicide prevention. Snider wants to encourage others to be the light for someone who is experiencing too much darkness. She urges others to stay connected, be there and help them connect with those who are contemplating suicide or have suicidal thoughts. 

Savannah Blackwell – Savannah has chosen to promote the Gadsden Humane Society and Rescue Center. She wants to be able to share the importance of pet adoption, pet rescue and also pet healthcare.

Brooke Robinson – Brooke has chosen for her philanthropy to be the Lupus Foundation. She shares that her goal is to educate and inform the Jacksonville community on how to help with the cause.

Isaac Graham – Isaac is promoting the Jed Foundation. The Jed Foundation has a goal of raising awareness not only for depression but suicide as well. Isaac wants to find people who are willing to share their stories that involve dealing with these issues, so that others can see that they aren’t alone. 

Michael Ray – Michael’s philanthropy is focused around Alzheimer’s. He wants to be able to educate others about the signs and symptoms as well as the effects it has on so many people. 

Elie Mulonda – Elie’s philanthropy is focused around epilepsy. His goal is to educate and help raise awareness on what others can do when those suffering with epilepsy are having seizures. He even used a purple basket filled with candy at the meet and greet to represent the color that is associated with epilepsy.

Harrison Cheatwood – Harrison has chosen for his philanthropy to be muscular dystrophy awareness. This past spring a fishing tournament was held in order to raise money for someone who suffers from the disease, and he hopes to turn this into an annual event to raise money towards finding a cure. 

Sean Godfrey – Sean is using this opportunity to discuss creating a cleaner and greener campus environment by effectively using job studies as a tool. He would hopefully like to promote doing small daily tasks around campus to help this goal become a reality, things like recycling, planting more trees and removing litter.

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