Hot Take: Best Halloween Movies

Photo of the main characters from the film "Hocus Pocus". (Photo courtesy of IMDB)Photo of the main characters from the film "Hocus Pocus". (Photo courtesy of IMDB)

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Fall has officially begun. Even though the ninety degree weather seemingly doesn’t plan to stop any time soon. Though the weather is not cooperating, I still find myself getting excited for the spooky season which is now just around the corner. One of my favorite things to do around the holidays is watch movies to get me even more into the spirit, and I’ve already started the movie marathon for Halloween. Here are my top must-watch movies for October:

First, we have my all time favorite, Hocus Pocus. Hocus Pocus came out in July of 1993, which I find to be a bit strange considering Halloween is in October, but I am not going to complain. Hocus Pocus is a story about three witches who are brought back to life when Max, a teenager who is willing to do anything to impress the girl he’s in love with, lights the candle in the witch’s old house. Max, along with his crush named Allison and his little sister Dani, goes on a wild goose chase trying to trap the witches and banish them once and for all. Luckily, on their journey to get rid of the horrible hags, they run into a boy that was turned into a cat by the witches and are able to gain a bit of insight on how to carry out their plan. Overall, it sounds like a pretty wacky film, and it is, but it’s my favorite movie when the fall season comes around.

Another favorite Halloween film of mine is Halloweentown. This film hit the screen in 1998, and I’ve watched it at least fifty times. The first film was so popular that they continued on the franchise creating three more. The first installment of this successful film chain follows the Cromwell family. The family consists of a mom and her three children Marnie, Dylan and Sophie. The mother has left her secrets and her past life in her hometown, and never planned to tell her children that they were part witch. The grandma had other plans. On Halloween, the grandma comes to visit to try to coax Gwen, the mom, to let the children know about their powers and change their upbringing to include that lifestyle. After an argument, Grandma Cromwell heads back to Halloweentown alone, or so she thought. Marnie and Dylan sneak out and follow her, determined to figure out the truth. The rest of the film is about all three of the children ending up in the magical, mystical Halloweentown trying to help their grandmother fight an unknown evil while Gwen urges them to head home instead. The movies following this one includes even more magic and appreciation for the spooky holiday.

The final movie that has become a staple in my spooky-movie marathon is Monster House. I know, I know…it’s a cartoon movie that is not scary whatsoever, but quite frankly, none of these movies are scary. Who cares? They are classic in my eyes. Monster House is a cartoon movie that came to be in 2006, so it’s fairly newer than the previous two. This movie is about two neighbors, DJ and Chowder, and a girl scout named Jenny who have been frightened by the old man living in an incredibly spooky house in their neighborhood. The man is seen as cranky and uptight for several reasons, one of the biggest one being that nobody is allowed on his property at all. After the old man freaks out about the boys messing around on his property, he gets sent to the hospital, leaving the boys there alone to create even more of a mess. While trying to save Jenny, the boys find out that the house is filled with some dark presence, which later ends up being revealed that it was the old man’s late wife. The film is innocent enough for kids of all ages to watch it, and adults seem to find it interesting as well. 

Those are just a few of my favorite movies to watch around this time of year. Hopefully I’ll be able to watch and appreciate each of them a couple of times a piece before I have to kick into Christmas mode. If you haven’t seen any of these movies, I highly recommend them. 

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