Emily Messer promoted to Vice President of Enrollment Management

Ashleigh Crouch, News Correspondent

On Thursday, September 19, Dr. Emily Messer was named the new Vice President of Enrollment Management for Jacksonville State University.

JSU President John Beehler announced her promotion in an email to the student body, touting her prior leadership as the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management.

“Under her leadership, the university’s first-time freshman enrollment this fall is the highest it has been in recorded school history,” said Beehler in the email. 

Messer has two degrees from JSU: a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Public Administration. Messer also holds a Doctorate of Education in Higher Education Administration from The University of Alabama.

Messer has been working at JSU for a little over a year now, and since she began working at the university, JSU’s first-time freshman enrollment has reached a record high.

When asked what her plans were to improve the admissions process at JSU in her new role as Vice President of Enrollment Management, Dr. Messer explained the progress that has already been made in her time at JSU.

Messer stated that in the past year, “successful communication plans that include letters, emails, phone calls, and text messages to inform prospective students of the admissions process” have been implemented to make the process easier for students applying to the university. 

Messer also said she is very excited about her new role and can’t wait to continue her work improving the admissions process.

When asked why she chose to work for JSU initially, she stated that she has always had a desire to “continue [her] career in higher education” at her alma mater and that JSU “molded [her] into the professional” that she is today.

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