IT Chapter 2: A Sadistic Masterpiece

Breanna Hill, A&E Editor

Stephen King’s brilliant tale of a murderous clown has captivated me for as long as I can remember. It fueled my deep, undeniable hatred and fear of clowns which has done nothing but torment me in every haunted house escapade I have visited over the years. Despite all of this, I found myself more pumped about “IT Chapter 2” than I have been for any other movie that has come out as of lately. 

The trailers of the film that have been circulating the Internet for quite some time caused my expectations to rise increasingly as the film neared its release date. Nowadays, horror films are challenged quite greatly, knowingly competing with other horror movies to keep audiences entertained and, more importantly, scared out of their minds. The number one thing that I look for when watching any horror film is great jump scares. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy psychological thriller/horror films that deal with exploring your mind and deep, dark fears, but the jump scares are definitely what makes or breaks a horror film to me. 

The second installment of the profound, widely known horror film follows the now grown characters Bill, Richie, Eddie, Stanley, Ben, Bev and Mike. After making a pact in the first part of the film franchise to come back if ’IT’ ever returns, the gang is contacted by Mike, the only one of them who stayed in Derry after 27 years. Mike announces to the others that ‘IT’ has returned all these years later and has started taking children once again. All but Stanley agree to return to the town associated with their childhood which was filled with wretched memories plagued with a sadistic clown.

Once they all meet back after all these years it takes a bit of convincing from Mike to get them all to stay to carry out a ritual that Mike himself has learned about, which is supposed to get rid of the nightmarish clown once and for all. All except Mike are having a bit of trouble remembering certain memories about Pennywise. Mike encourages them to dig deep and do their best to remember, knowing that it’s an important step in completing the ritual. Another part of the ritual is collecting special artifacts to sacrifice in the ending of Pennywise and his wickedly reign over Derry. The gang splits up and collects their artifacts while being tortured and tormented by none other than Pennywise. 

After Pennywise gets to Bill by devouring a kid right in front of him, Bill decides to take things into his own hands despite the group previously planning to take down the clown together by performing the ritual. Bill heads to the surprisingly still-standing haunted house at the end of the road that leads to the sewer where Pennywise stays. Before he’s able to go in and battle alone, his childhood friends show up and demand to join him on his insane journey to the deep, dark sewer to end things once and for all. 

After a failed ritual the gang continues to battle Pennywise, finally realizing that if they imagine he’s small, that he’s small. After ripping Pennywise’s heart out and getting rid of him completely, the movie goes on to show the happy endings of the characters. Bill gets rid of writing block, Mike finally leaves Derry, Richie comes to terms with his sexuality, and Ben finally reveals to Bev that he wrote the love poem all those years ago, and they end up happily together. Despite all the happy endings for most of the characters, they lost friends along the way. Stanley died as well as Eddie. 

The film was long, but in my opinion it had to be in order to honor Stephen King’s original masterpiece. I enjoyed the movie thoroughly for many reasons. Most, not all, of the jump scares genuinely got me. The casting was truly incredible. All of the cast members were talented and molded perfectly for their parts, and they looked as if the children that were casted in the first installment of the reinvented film franchise grew up. They looked just like them, it was almost scary how accurate they were able to make that. Also, for someone like me who loves scary movies yet tends to look away when scenes get too intense, they implemented humorous moments that was able to release a bit of the horrific tension that was so evident throughout a majority of the film. 

Overall, I believe the film was really well done. The scenes were accurate with Stephen King’s original vision, and the acting was genuine and not cringey in any way, which has unfortunately become the norm in so many horror movies today. If you are a horror fan, I urge you to make the trip to the theater to see “IT Chapter 2”. I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed.

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