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Breanna HillA&E Editor

Netflix is usually hit or miss, really. Sometimes they offer incredible selections, and sometimes they manage to do the exact opposite. As someone who logs onto Netflix quite religiously, I have seen numerous Netflix originals. I’ve decided to rank my top five Netflix originals series. 

First comes “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”. This Netflix original follows the life of Sabrina the teenage witch. I grew up with Sabrina in a separate series on television called “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” that came out in 1996. This spin-off series that Netflix produced follows the same principles of that television show, but adds a bit more drama. Sabrina ends up having to leave her mortal life and her friends to attend a school filled with other witches and warlocks. The entire series is about her trying to navigate through this new part of her life while simultaneously trying to hold on to her previous mortal life. I believe the series is very well done. Netflix has already released two seasons and they’re currently filming the third season. I highly recommend watching it if you’re getting hyped up about spooky season. 

Taking the second spot is “You” which was released in September of 2018. This series blew up almost immediately. This show is about a young woman named Beck living in New York City, attempting to live out her dream to become a writer. She runs into a seemingly nice bookstore clerk named Joe. His exterior is absolutely charming, but on the inside he’s an obsessive, compulsive liar who ends up stalking her, gaining her trust and even killing a few of her friends and loved ones along the way. This is a prime example of a psychological thriller-filled TV show. The viewers loved it so much that despite how the series ended (no spoilers, I promise) they have renewed it for another season set to debut in December of this year. 

Third on the list is “The Haunting of Hill House” which made its first appearance on Netflix in October of 2018. In the 10 episodes that were released this past year, the incredibly talented actors and actresses were able to give what any horror series/movie enthusiast craves the most: pure terror. The popular series followed the story of an unusual family and their past memories of their horrific childhood spent in a haunted house. All throughout the show there are a number of flashbacks showing what they endured while living in an unholy environment. There have been a number of confirmations that there will be a season 2 and though the audience might not be able to handle it at times, it’s supposed to be even scarier than the first season. It is set to be released sometime in the upcoming year. 

Next on our list is “13 Reasons Why”. This show was first released on the platform in March of 2017. The first season of the show follows a new student named Hannah Baker at Liberty High. She deals with serious issues such as bullying, depression, sexual violence and suicide. After Hannah commits suicide, she leaves tapes to all of those who wronged her in some way. The next two seasons that follow are filled with more questions about the Hannah story, and even involves more Liberty High students dying. I feel like this series is incredibly important because it deals with such hard-to-swallow issues that most of society tries to cover up and avoid talking about. This show not only talks about it, but expresses why it needs to be uncovered and dealt with. The show recently released their third season. Check it out. 

Finally we have “Atypical”, which first flashed across the screen in August of 2017. So far the show has released two seasons, both having ten episodes each. “Atypical” is about an autistic high school boy named Sam dealing with the daily structures that people on the spectrum face. Throughout the series, viewers are able to learn about what autistic people really deal with while also being humored every now and again. The series does an incredible job of educating others while tugging at the heartstrings as well. Immediately right after the second season was released, Netflix gave the thumbs-up for season three. There is still no exact release date for season three, but typically the seasons come out during the fall season, so make sure to stay tuned. 

Each of these series have been a staple in my binge-watching at some point or another. I believe them to be the best that Netflix has to offer, ya know, in their Netflix original series department. I highly recommend if you’re in a slump, or between shows which we all tend to be in from time to time, to check these shows out. They are all incredibly done.

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