Relationships: The Undefined Complexity of College

Alyxxis Jones, A&E Correspondent

The life of a college student is anything but simple. Adding on a relationship to that creates complexity. For some, dating is just a priority, making things stressful. It is another block to put into an already packed schedule. Others seek the relief and comfort that a relationship provides. Dating becomes an escape from the stresses life throws. There are several pros and cons to relationship status in college. 

College is a breaking point for an individual. During this time, one discovers who they are and what they want to become. Going into it single is basically freedom. It’s control and independence of one’s own life. One may have more time for their work, school, religion, or social life. There’s no annoyances or expenses that another person brings. However, for the hopeless romantic, it can be lonely. Couples are put on display all over social media, television and other platforms. These influences push the desire to date. Truthfully, it’s hard to find the right one. It’s almost impossible to find someone that checks off every qualification. Without a significant other, there’s nobody to share life with. There’s no one to spoil or be spoiled by. Long nights of boredom, sitting on the couch watching other people’s romance. Many students workout at the campus gym. Some singles want to stay fit and feel healthy, as a form of self-love. 

A relationship is just another priority. It’s the downside of adding onto a busy schedule. One must learn how to balance things. This can become stressful. There won’t always be time to hangout. There are limitations. Sometimes more important priorities, such as school, work or a person’s religion will come first. Dating someone else is a package deal, even when their family, friends or personal interests are not enjoyable. Plus, going out on dates is expensive. Especially for college students that work part time and go to school full time. The last thing a student needs to worry about is resolving an argument with their other half. They can’t stay up talking all night when they have an exam the next morning. Also, in arguments, there has to be a compromise, people don’t always get what they want. The decisions a person makes have an effect on others. Unexpected things might happen. If a female gets pregnant, her future decisions are thrown off track. 

Adulting can be depressing. It’s even harder having to go through it alone. Many college students use apps like Tinder or Bumble to meet people. They want companionship, someone to rely on, talk to and spend time with. Having another person in one’s life makes it less stressful. Especially, in times of need. There is another person that can relate, offer advice or help with an issue. An individual is placed in new situations and surroundings; meeting their boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s friends and family. A future with that person is foreseen. Having someone is like a distraction from everything else. It’s a different perspective of life, rather than seeing everything one way. Being in a relationship can increase self-esteem. An individual might feel more comfortable in their own skin, knowing that someone loves them. 

Overall, it’s an individual’s decision on whether they want to be in a relationship or not in college. Students should excel in a healthy relationship. However, if the relationship hurts them, they should reevaluate their situation. Staying single helps favor less distractions and a tight schedule. Whereas, dating provides a resort from the stress of life.

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