JSU soccer team falls to Troy University

JSU gamecock soccer competes in an exhibition game against the UAB Blazers.

Ashley Finerson, Sports Correspondent

After a few tough losses for the Jacksonville State University soccer team, the Gamecocks went into Thursday’s game determined against undefeated Troy University. 

The game on September 5 was a constant back a forth with who kept control of the ball. In the end, Troy was able to get past JSU’s defense while Troy kept a solid defense that proved difficult to penetrate.

During the first half, Troy held control with four shots on goal by Nathali DaSilva, Kiersten Edlund and Kendra Chasion. At the same time, the Gamecocks were able to bring in six saves from the Trojans by goalie Morgan Lerch. 

A couple of minutes after JSU player Emma Meadows attempted wide shot in the first period, Troy was able to score a goal by Nilou Asdigha. The period ending goal, which was assisted by Kiersten Edlund and Kate Lorenz put up a score of 1-0, with Troy in the lead.

In the second half, both teams put a tough fight, neither willing to give up control of the ball. After much back and forth and three shot attempts from the Gamecocks, a fourth shot was taken by Cythian Bagozzi with an assist from Cephana Deane, putting the Gamecocks on the board. After tying up the game in the second half, the game became a power struggle between both teams.

With only 14 minutes left in the game, a block from Troy’s player, Grace Mirly, was able to make the next goal with the assist from Kiersten Edlund, who also assisted in Troy’s first goal. JSU was not able to make any more attempts due to Troy’s strong defense, bringing the game to a close and Troy walking away with another victory for their season. 

With another win, Troy remains undefeated. As for JSU, this game put them at a setback and made their record 2-3. The JSU soccer team will be playing against the University of Alabama Thursday, September 12 at 7 p.m. at the JSU Soccer complex by the Pete Mathews Coliseum. 

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Photo courtesy of JSU

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