News Editor Scott Young says hello to readers

Scott Young, News Editor

Hey everybody! My name is Scott Young, and I’m so excited to be the new News Editor for the Chanticleer this year! I’m in my junior year at Jacksonville State and I am a communication major with a concentration in digital journalism.

Last year, I started my ‘career’ as a staff reporter for the Chanticleer, working under then Editor in Chief Daniel Mayes. My first story for the paper ended up being my most popular to date: the candlelight vigil held outside of Coop DeVille after it caught fire and temporarily closed.

When I began writing my first story for the Chanticleer, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I had not yet taken my major courses, so I had not been introduced to the AP stylebook or any news writing tips. I spent all night parsing over every word and making sure I had a story I considered worthy of publication. The next day when it was posted, it started gaining a lot of attention around campus and had been shared over 100 times on Facebook.

Though it was just a silly story about a candlelight vigil for a chicken wing eatery, it really inspired me to write more.

To me, journalism is about empowering an audience with the truth and in today’s media ecosystem, that is more important than ever before. Working for the Chanticleer and beyond, I want to facilitate a more ethical and honest way of reporting so that the truth is not distorted by fiction. People deserve to trust in their journalists and news outlets to give them accurate and well-rounded stories.

Again, I’m looking forward to this opportunity I have to positively impact student media at JSU and to report the truth to our student body. 

If you ever have any questions about the Chanticleer or anything else, feel free to contact me at my student email,

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