JSU showcases senior art projects

Sydney Spencer, A&E Reporter

This Thursday, Jacksonville State University will be hosting their annual Senior Art Showcase for students who will be graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Bachelor of Arts (BA), and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA).

The students who will be receiving their BFA are Christian Everhart, Alec Cornutt, Austin Whitt, Bekah Britton, Harley Stickney, Kara Clay, Kaylee Woodall, Kelsey Blangin, Meghan Lee, Shelby Holman, and Toby Satterfield. Students who will be receiving their BA are Sydney Sorrells, Madelynn Barker, and Paige Christ. Last but not least, the student receiving their MFA is Stefanie Cobb.

All of these students have put in numerous hours of preparation leading up to this night. Majority of them have been working towards this showcase since the beginning of their collegiate careers. There are many different fields of artwork going to be on display like photography, paintings, drawings, and graphic designs. These students are also looking forward to the opportunities that could come about from being able to display their craftmanship during this showcase.

Sydney Sorrells, who is receiving her BA in Photography at the end of the semester feels students have put a lot of work has gone into the show

“It takes a lot of preparation because you have to come up with at least three ideas, present your ideas, and then decide on your topic. After that you have to prepare everything to do the entire semester,” she explains.

She adds how each year is different and every student brings their own style to the showcase so there is diversity in the artwork and culture being displayed.

“I’m excited to see what the graphic designers came up with because every year it gets more phenomenal and we have a really good graphic design program,” says Sorrells

Sorrells photography that will be on display is about the struggles of an upcoming artist and that artist finally making it. The Senior Art Showcases over the past couple of years have had renowned artwork and many students and faculty look forward to this event each year. All artists would like to have support and participation from the whole Jacksonville State community by just asking for people to come out and take a look at the showcase.

There has been a change in date for the Opening Reception and it will now be held Thursday, April 25th. This Thursday, April 18th, the senior’s artwork will still be displayed from 5:00PM to 7:00PM in Hammond Hall, the Roundhouse, and Student Galleries.

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