United with Ulises: Herrera elected new Jacksonville State SGA President

Newly elected JSU student government association (SGA) officers for 2018. Ulises Herrera

Scott Young, Staff Reporter

Current Jacksonville State University SGA Vice President of Public Relations Ulises Herrera has been elected SGA President for the 2019-2020 school year, succeeding Kasey Gamble. His victory follows a two-week long campaign against the Vice President of Organizational Affairs, Will Milner.

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Ulises Herrera, who served as Vice President of Public Relations in 2018-19, will be the SGA’s president in 2019-20. (Matt Reynolds/JSU)

“I want to make sure that every single student is being represented on campus. My campaign was all about unity and that it what I seek to promote,” said Herrera following the news of his victory. “Not only between our student body but also with our administration.”

Herrera is a junior majoring in marketing who began his involvement with SGA his freshman year, when he joined the Freshman Forum and was later selected to be a Collegiate Legislature delegate. Later on, he became a JSU ambassador, student senator, and was elected Vice President of Public Relations last year.

During the campaign, Herrera touted his accomplishments as Vice President of Public Relations, such as having “one of the biggest SGA social media outlets in the State” and his involvement in working with a $50 million budget to create the new School of Business and Industry. As part of his platform, he stressed the importance of creating an open dialogue to discuss campus-wide sexual assault awareness.

“Students should not be having to walk around in fear of being sexually assaulted,” he said, “Every student has the right to attend college and earn their degree. I will bring back a campus wide sexual assault awareness campaign for the betterment of our student body.”

Herrera argues that the biggest challenge facing Jacksonville State University is being more open-minded to more change, and that the current administration has been hard at work to make sure they are being more “efficient and effective.”

“I want to be able to come up with new methods in fixing any recurring issues to help our student body. Change shouldn’t scare us, it should make us excited for new things to come,” he said.

Other elections for SGA were held in which all candidates for the four Vice President positions ran unopposed. The winners of those positions are as follows: Jerod Sharp, Vice President of the Student Senate; Desmond Thomas, Vice President of Student Activities; Kathleen Seibert, Vice President of Public Relations; Will Bowen, Vice President of Organizational Affairs.

For Student Senators, the winners are Mariana Alvarez, Michael Canady, Destiny Paris-Cartwright, Harrison Cheatwood, Noah Davis, Dexter Ferguson, Paige Harles, Gregory Heathcock, Giovanna Hernandez, Timothy Hinkle, Justin Jones, James King, Camri Mason, Auburn McKee, Adam McNeal, Mason Prince, Kaylee Rawlins, Matt Reed, Guadalupe Rosiles, Taylor Smith, Garrett Squires, Taylor White, Demetria Williams and Katelyn Wolf.

The winners of Miss Friendly and Mr. Friendly are Elle Kate Patterson and Craig Scott, Jr., respectively. The winners of Miss and Mr. Jax State are Kate Fleming and Brad Vonner.

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