Technology will continue to develop, whether we like it or not

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Breanna Hill, News Editor

Technology is growing and advancing at a rate nobody ever believed to be possible. Who knew that the strides that have been taken in the technological realm would be this remarkable in today’s age? Due to the intelligence of numerous inventors, the world is blessed with wonderful technological tools. Though there’s no flying cars in today’s time like there was once believed there would be, the world continues to make great strides towards a more technologically based world; whether that’s a positive or negative impact, it’s happening all around us, and it’s happening rapidly.

Society always craves a newer, faster, and overall better version of things—phones, computers, cars—hence the dire urge to continue advancing technology despite the growing concerns that tend to rise up from time to time.  The first thing that may come to mind when discussing the pros and cons of technological advancement tends to be robots. Robots are intended to make lives easier, and harder tasks simpler. A growing concern revolving around robots is the fear that the robots themselves will grow smarter than humans and eventually take over. It sounds silly, but more people believe it than you may think. There are numerous references and talk about robots taking over in hundreds of movies and television shows. Could it really happen? Who knows.

Robots are being invented and used for all sorts of reasons, one of them having to be cleaning up the Fukushima Daiichi facility (nuclear power plant) that was ruined and turned into nothing more than a radioactive sludge. In 2011 Japan had catastrophic events destroy the northeastern part of its country. Japan had to deal with the aftermath of not only an earthquake but a tsunami as well. One of the affected areas was the Fukushima Daiichi facility. The accident was rated a 7 on the INES scale. Humans cleaning this mess up was never an option due to the radiation they would be exposed to, thus the plan of sending in robots to clean it up came to be. How would the world deal with such a crisis if it wasn’t for the advancement of technology?

The development of robots is only one of the most well-known technological advances that have occurred recently. Another popular technological milestone would have to be self-driving cars. Who would’ve thought that we would have made it this far? There was talk and speculation going on for a number of years about the possibility of self-driving cars. In 2013 General Motors, BMW, Ford, Mercedes Benz and other automobile manufacturers began tinkering and playing around with the idea of creating self-driving cars. Google even launched a new program named Waymo to help regular people get around and get rid of the ‘everyday hassle’ of driving yourself. Of course, we all know about Tesla introducing the great self-driving capabilities and features.

How safe are self-driving cars? What are the statistics on accidents caused by such advanced automotive technology? A recent study shows that self-driving cars are involved in crashes five times more than conventional cars driven by actual people. The determined pros of self-driving cars is the robot aspect of it all. A number of people are guilty of picking up their phone while driving, or distracting themselves some other way when their main focus should be driving itself. The car is designed to not only focus solely on the road but detect things that people can’t do as easily. Self-driving cars will always be a controversial topic of discussion. Do the pros outweigh the cons, or vice-versa. Does it make life easier, or is it contributing to a larger number of car crashes?

Technology will never cease to advance. Brilliant minds will continue to invent. The world will continue to evolve and society will continue to want the bigger and better versions of things. Will the world benefit from the endless impacts that this technology is making on the world, or will it affect us negatively somehow?

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