JSU Professor presents Pinocchio translation

Dr. Carmine Di Biase, JSU professor of English and winner of the 2015 Faculty Scholar Lecturer Award.

Keeley Tibbitts, Staff Reporter

Professor Carmine DiBiase’s project Beyond Pinocchio aims to translate the original tale of Pinocchio and Pipi the Pink Chimpanzee both written by Carlo Collodi.

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Steve Latham/JSU
Dr. Carmine DiBiase presented his “Beyond Pinocchio” project last month.

In his recent presentation in Stone Center, DiBiase explained he was pursuing it for “the fun of it,” and because “it has never been done before.”

There are many translations of the story Pinocchio, he explains, but most do not tell the whole story as written.

The presentation was attended by multiple professors and friends of DiBiase, and the room was attentive as he explained the purpose for his project.

Multiple stories written by Collodi deal with the issues of the abuse of young boys. DiBiase read chapters from both Pinocchio and Pipi the Pink Chimpanzee and pointed out the differences between the original plots and the English translations.

DiBiase hopes to work with professor Michael Boynton to place his translated version of the story and its sequel on the stage in the form of a play. In the demonstration, two JSU students performed a chapter of the book Pipi in French to show how the book could be transformed into a play.

“English readers only know Pinocchio. These other works change the way you read Pinocchio, and they talk about the abuse of young boys,” says DiBiase.

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