Honors Program offers ‘escape’ from homework


Katie Peyton, Special to the Chanticleer

Next week, the JSU Honors program will give students the opportunity to escape homework—and from a mad scientist’s lab.

The program’s second-annual Escape Room is an event that challenges participants to find find clues, solve puzzles, and decode messages all within a period of 30 minutes.


The event will be held March 18—March 21 from 6:00—10:00 p.m. each night in the basement of the Baptist Campus Ministries building.

This year’s theme will be escaping a mad scientist’s lab. Dr. Wakefield, a morally ambiguous geneticist, has been working on creating a perfect (but potentially dangerous) specimen. Participants will act as a group of federal spies who have infiltrated his lab. They will have to think quickly in order to find the ID badge that will keep him locked out of his own experiments for good.

Not only does the Escape Room raise funds for the program, but it also allows Honors students to reach out and offer a fun experience to the community.

Honors program Fundraising Coordinator Ashley Adamson, who has planned the event for the last two years, enjoys the way participants respond to the escape room.

“It’s very satisfying, after creating the puzzles and putting them in a strategic order, to see people having a good time and everything running smoothly.”

Even though she’s graduating after this semester, Adamson hopes that the escape room continues to entertain Jacksonville residents and students for years to come.

Senior Hannah Bryant, who participated in the Escape Room last spring, says the event offered a great time and a challenge.

“My group didn’t quite escape, but it was really fun trying to beat the clock!” she shares. Bryant says she will return with a new team next week for another shot at victory.

“It’s a really unique, inexpensive way to have fun with your friends,” says Kaleigh Ferguson, Honors Program President. Though she is helping plan the event this year, she participated last year. She says her team escaped with a couple minutes to spare, laughing all the way.

Groups can contain up to 5 people, and each participant must pay $5. To sign up for a time slot, email Katie Peyton at kpeyton1@stu.jsu.edu.

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