Almost there! Jacksonville State takes on Spring Break


Breanna Hill, News Editor

Spring Break for Jacksonville State is quickly picking approaching and will be here before any of us know it. Spring Break is a time for students to unwind and relax a bit doing various activities ranging from sleeping in to taking a trip. It’s not uncommon for most of us to eagerly plan ahead to try and swipe up all the good hotel rooms for a weekend getaway, but if you’ve been a bit preoccupied with classes and extracurricular activities you might have been a bit too busy to even attempt to plan anything. Never fear, there are plenty of exciting endeavors to fill your week no matter your budget.

Starting off with the cheapest, and the most appealing option in my opinion…being lazy! This semester has definitely been one for the books—the crazy weather, continuation of construction and demanding coursework can make spending a week off and sleeping in till noon sound like pure bliss. Picture it. Monday, spring break. The alarm is nonexistent, you get those precious extra hours of sleep, and then you’re able to wake up and lay in bed for who knows how long. Go ahead and binge-watch that show you’ve been wanting to catch up on, or read a book if that’s your cup of tea. Just relax. Sounds nice, right?

Maybe you’re not into the whole couch potato scene, no worries. Let’s talk about an option for the adventurists. Though the Alabama weather tends to be a bit unpredictable, I’m sure there’ll be at least a couple of days during the week we have off that we could use to our advantage. Man, I hope I didn’t just jinx us. Anyways let’s list a couple of not-so-far-away outdoor activities we could partake in. Alabama is gifted with the beautiful scenery that Cheaha State Park has to offer. It has the works: hiking/biking trails, campgrounds, picnic pavilions, etc. Spring break is the ideal time to take in the beautiful nature surrounding the area. Oh, don’t forget to possibly check out Noccalula Falls as well. It has the same amenities as Cheaha, just mix in some mini-golf. Moving on from the whole state park aspect of outdoor activities, let me mention the numerous lakes that are scattered throughout the state. Again, with the erratic weather Alabama is known for, there’s no sense of certainty that any lake activities will be achievable over spring break, but it’s always nice to keep them in the back of our minds. The list for lake activities never really comes to an end it would seem. You have canoeing/kayaking, fishing, swimming (obviously), and maybe even a bit of boating. Just take advantage of the free time and the (hopefully) desirable weather. Lie in a hammock for an hour or two, develop a sun-kissed tan, savor the indication that summer is just around the corner.

Onto the next category of spring break activities, which might make your wallet just a tad bit thinner. An easy, slightly more affordable alternative to going to the beach or on a cruise would be going to an amusement park—no, not one halfway around the world. Let’s think closer. Perhaps Six Flags Over Georgia? Most of us have been. Who doesn’t enjoy thrilling rollercoasters and slightly overpriced, yet deilicious, food? I know I do. Grab a couple of friends who have nothing else going on and pile into a car. Drive on over to Georgia and enjoy the sick rides and sweet shows.

I know, I know…spring break = beach. Believe me I get it. It seems as if everybody’s first choice for spring break shenanigans includes making a trip to the beach. There’s just something about taking ‘gram worthy pictures with the ocean waves in the background. The beach is always a popular option. Most people in Alabama who are in the process of setting up a beach vacation usually picture going to Panama City Beach, or maybe even Fort Walton, which are both in Florida. Take the time to tally up the extra dollars it takes to make it all the way to Florida and you’ll be happy to know that there’s a cheaper, and closer beach right here in Alabama. That’s right, Gulf Shores. So if you’re just DYING to taste the salty air and watch the ocean waves roll in just ride on down to Orange Beach and enjoy yourself.

Hopefully with a few new ideas up in the air for spring break you’ll be able to enjoy yourself a bit more. Only one more week standing between spring break and us. We got this.

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