Reframing the conversation: Campus speaker shares his experience with sexual assault


Photo Courtesy of CAMPUSPEAK
Speaker and sexual assault survivor Tim Mosseau spoke on JSU’s campus Monday about his experience and how to provoke change in the way society talks about sexual assault and domestic violence.

James Waller, Staff Reporter

In a presentation entitled “Retaking Our Story: Reframing the Sexual Assault Conversation,” speaker Tim Mousseau presented the realities of sexual assault on a university campus to Jacksonville State University students at Pete Matthews Coliseum on Tuesday.

Mousseau, an activist and advocate for victims of sexual assault, has spoken professionally for five years, delivering over 300 keynotes, many on college campuses through an organization called CAMPUSPEAK, an organization that arranges and promotes speakers on college campuses.

“Using powerful stories grounded in personal experiences, Tim Mousseau uses his passion and vulnerability to guide conversations that will leave students inspired to combat sexual violence, redefine masculinity, and provoke change,” says Mousseaus’s web page on CAMPUSPEAK.

Mousseau’s speech opened with a story of his own victimhood of a sexual assault: a story in which he was stalked for a lengthy period of time and sent letters by an unknown sender that contained photos of his own, unremembered, sexual assault while he was intoxicated. Mousseau explained society-at-large’s poor reaction to him as a male sexual assault survivor.

“As a male survivor of sexual violence and severe sexual harassment, it is my mission to ensure no one has to experience what I went through,” Mousseau says. “It is my mission to redefine how our companies, leaders, and employees create workplaces welcoming to all and devoid of harassment.”

Mousseau also gave advice on tackling sexual assault and preventing sexual violence, envisioning the creation of a culture where people (especially other men) treat sexual assault and its survivors with due respect, creating a consent-based narrative around sex positivity, and listening to the stories of victims of sexual violence.

“When I say that we are going to retake our story, what I mean is that we are going to change the way we are having conversations around this topic, because right now the way that we talk about this conversation is wrong,” Mousseau said.

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