JSU drama present Company

Sydney Spencer, A&E Reporter

Jacksonville State University would like you all to accompany them to their newest drama production. The name of the play is Company and it is produced by professor Carrie Colton of the JSU Drama Department. Company is a play based after George Furth’s book and is one of the most influential musicals ever written. Unlike in most plays, Company has no linear plot, but it discusses the theme of marriage, monogamy, and finding your person. Colton describes the play as being “wonderfully and beautifully weird.”

It is not your typical musical with flashy lights and upbeat music, but it does keep viewers intrigued. There are many questions asked that will be relatable to the audience as well as making the audience think of how the play incorporates in their lives.

Auditions were unique and difficult because “the music is hard to sing, there are weird harmonies, and requires really good actors” says Colton.

She ended up casting half musicians and half actors so that every couple would have either a strong actor or a strong musician. Company was chosen because the department felt it was a great play for actors. There are good roles for everyone in it. They were trying to pick a more contemporary musical and another Sondheim musical. Stephen Sondheim wrote the music and lyrics for the play for its Broadway premiere in 1970 and then revised it in the early 90’s. The most unique part about the play would be that it is not linear. There is no beginning, middle, and end. Colton explains it as being “the most bizarre play we’ve ever done.”

Although it is different, it compliments “She Kills Monsters”, which is another play that was done earlier this school year. She Kills Monsters was big, funny and flashy, while Company is more serious and slower. It is not very movement based and gives technicians something different to work on. Actors and music majors are given a different way of practicing their craft to find things they need to work on or discovering something new that they like. There is not really a message behind the play, but more of questions that Sondheim wanted to ask the audience that are questions everyone in life struggles with. When Sondheim asks questions, he is not really asking them to receive an answer, but to question why we spend majority of our lives trying to find our soulmate. The show dates for Company are March 8-11 at the Stone Center. Tickets are available online in the Drama Department of JSU’s website.

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