Staying safe during spring break

Breanna Hill, News Editor

It’s about that time of year again. Trips are being planned, hotels are being booked, bathing suits are being bought. That’s right. In a few short (yet at the same time, agonizingly slow) weeks, spring break will begin. Spring break season calls for warm weather, spending time with friends, and of course taking a load off from classes. 

Though the only thing really on every student’s mind when it comes to spring break is letting loose and having fun, there’s also some things that should be thought about before you even pack your bags. Safety. Safety should be the number one priority when going anywhere for spring break whether it be the beach or some other vacation spot. Check out these quick yet crucial tips to help you have an exciting and safe spring break experience:

1. Most of the time a bunch of students pack into vehicles and drive long hours to get to whatever vacation spot they chose for the week of spring break. A good tip to follow is to take turns behind the wheel on your way to wherever you’re staying. It will keep everyone well rested and everyone will have a greater chance of getting to their destination safely. 

2. Whenever you’re out and about make sure to keep the valuables that you leave in your car out of sight. Unfortunately, in the society we live in today people aren’t afraid to steal, especially if you make it super easy and convenient for them. 

3. If you plan on attending any parties or big events make sure to keep an eye on your drink. Never leave it. There have been too many occurrences to count of drinks being drugged. Also, obviously, do not drink and drive. There are so many solutions to stop such a unnecessary problem: Uber, taxi, designated driver, etc. Make wise decisions. 

Keep these tips in mind to have a safe spring break. Above all, have fun and enjoy your well-deserved break. 

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