Hill: College isn’t all fun and games


Breanna Hill, News Editor

College students do not receive enough credit for the hardships they face on a daily basis. College is usually associated with strictly partying, drinking, kicking back, and a continuing long list of other reckless hobbies that supposedly concoct our college lifestyles. It appears that college students are labeled as careless and daring nowadays just because a number of them attend a party here or there, or something of that nature.

Being a college student myself, I’ve had to deal with older adults assuming things when it comes to the subject of college, and don’t even ask me to count the number of times I’ve heard the whole ‘just be thankful you’re not in the workforce right now’ speech. I could probably quote you the whole lecture I’ve received from many different people by now. I get it. College isn’t THE HARDEST milestone that many young adults have to trudge through and conquer, but it definitely isn’t the easiest either.

A good portion of college students range from age eighteen to the early twenties, which means that they’re all still trying to figure out how to take care of themselves and be out on their own. Students go from being in high school, living with parents, and having a structured and scheduled life to then being out on their own, having unlimited freedom, and learning how to navigate all that at the exact same time. Most college students not only have to juggle 12+ hours of coursework, but also have to make a steady income to support themselves, stay active and involved on campus, and make sure to take care of themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Why is there an overwhelming portion of today’s society who feels the need to make college seem like it’s a breeze? It’s not. Students deal with so much and it’s not appreciated, talked about, or seen as a real issue. We need to bring the problem up more. We need to discuss it with anybody who will listen so that maybe one day college students won’t just be seen as a rowdy bunch who throw parties every weekend, and sleep our way through life.

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