Poor Super Bowl leads to poor ratings


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, left, is pressured by Los Angeles Rams defensive end Aaron Donald in the first quarter in Super Bowl LIII at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. (Photo: MARK J. REBILAS, USA TODAY Sports)

Garrett Sanders, Sports Writer

Last Sunday, America was treated to a disaster of a Super Bowl. The game felt never-ending, the commercials were dull and boring, and even the halftime show was a disaster. Overall, Super Bowl LIII was easily the worst Super Bowl of all time.

Sure, you had Tom Brady and Bill Belichick going up against a juggernaut in the Los Angeles Rams. This was also the first time the city of Atlanta hosted a Super Bowl since 2000. Everything leading up to this game had excitement written all over it. Unfortunately for the NFL, this Super Bowl only ended up hurting them.

Ratings and viewership for the Super Bowl plummeted down compared to other Super Bowls. Some of this had to do with what happened a couple of weeks before. If the Saints didn’t get robbed by the officials, we very well could have seen them playing instead.

This caused the viewership of the city of New Orleans to drop over 50% in ratings. This was by far the lowest rating drop after a previous year out of any town in America. This alone sends a bad image to the NFL on how people are quickly turning off their viewership to them.

Not to also mention most of America did not want to see Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. That also played a big part of the ratings not being in the NFL’s favor. Don’t get me wrong, we are witnessing greatness with the Patriots that we will most likely never see again. However, to the public viewer watching the Super Bowl, they will be likely to not tune in because of that. Let’s be real, seeing New England in nine Super Bowls is rather quite dull to watch.

This was also the lowest recorded score ever in Super Bowl history. While the defenses played tremendously well, the game of football has changed. A faster paced offensive game that relies heavily on throwing the ball vertically down the field is what people want to see. This game had none of that.

The odd thing about this game is you had two very explosive offenses. On paper, it seemed exciting. The fact that the Rams and Patriots defenses shut down the other’s offense is mind-blowing. It was so bizarre that people thought a kicker could win the MVP!

With the pitiful offensive performances by both teams, it was a major disappointment. America will now be thinking of what could have been if the Saints and Chiefs had won their Conference. It will forever be a travesty that we as football fans were robbed of perhaps what could have been.

America loves to see competition on the gridiron. It’s what makes the Super Bowl must-watch television. Combine that with the Super Bowl commercials and the halftime show, the NFL’s ratings are always at its peak. However, with this year’s poor performance in Super Bowl LIII, we very well could see a drop of viewership in the Super Bowl and the NFL next season.

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