‘Definitely’ this month: Owner says Coop DeVille on the verge of reopen


(Daniel Mayes/The Chanticleer)
Workers prepare Coop DeVille for its re-opening, which owner Guy Emery says will happen this month.

Scott Young, Staff Writer

Several months after Coop DeVille sustained fire damage and closed, Guy Emery, owner of the Jacksonville restaurant, has confirmed to the Chanticleer that the beloved wing establishment is “definitely” reopening in the month of February.

“I’m sheet rocking it this week, doing the ceiling grid,” said Emery. “I’m thinking like two weeks. That’s what I’m targeting.”

Ever since the facility closed in August of last year, many wing fans have been inquiring on social media as to when to when it would reopen.

“Has anybody got any update on Coop DeVille’s fate? I miss them so bad,” said one fan on Coop DeVille’s Facebook page.

To satisfy eager customers, Coop DeVille released a statement on Facebook updating the public on its progress.

“Hi everyone! We know you are all just as excited about The Coop re-opening as we are! We are trying our very best to open as soon as we can so we can start serving the incredible people of Jacksonville. Once we have a re-opening date set in stone, we will make sure to get the word out! Please be patient with us during this time. See you soon!” read the Coop DeVille Facebook page.

Following news that Coop DeVille had burst into flames in August, students gathered in the patio of the restaurant to hold a candlelight vigil, singing “I’ll Fly Away” and constructing a shrine in its memory.

As many in the community have been speculating when Coop DeVille would reopen, its grand opening is in sight and the wait is almost over for the community to get their hands on delicious chicken wings.

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