Local man campaigns to bring TV series to Jacksonville


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Actor Jayson Warner Smith, pictured in his role of Gavin from The Walking Dead, is on board with a campaign to bring a tv series to Jacksonville.

JP Wood, Staff Reporter

It could be out with the construction equipment and in with the camera equipment soon in Jacksonville.

Local software developer Joe Donahue has launched a campaign to bring a television series into town, and with some serious backing to his efforts.

Based on an idea that came to him while bouncing around ideas back and forth with a friend, Donahue ultimately came to devise what he describes as a modern-day fantasy take on Mega Man. Over the course of half a decade, Donahue cultivated, revised and polished what ultimately became a television pilot.

The Chameleon Stone Chronicles is currently crowdfunding for a trailer on Indiegogo. The 10-15 minute trailer would be used as a marketing tool to build exposure and attempt to gain the exposure of a major production company or television network. The goal is $50,000 to cover filming, actor salaries, union requirements, film crew, props, costumes, etc.

Donahue already has a few big names committed to his project. Jayson Warner Smith, known for his role as Gavin on The Walking Dead, and Heather Rule, who has starred in Iridescence and Dynasty, are both attached to the project.

According to their Indiegogo page, the premise of the show, dubbed The Chameleon Stone Chronicles, “is that various magical families have specialized in various schools of magic (fire, ice, life, death, speed, etc.) throughout history, using enchanted stones that are passed down throughout the generations. One family possesses the most powerful stone of all, The Chameleon Stone, and it has the ability to absorb the power of all the other stones.”

Smith says the script has a lot of different influences.

“It’s Sci-fi, it incorporates elements I would say from The Lord of the Rings, Shakespeare, Game of Thrones, it’s got a little bit of everything in there,” Smith said.

Smith, in a video to potential backers on The Chameleon Stone Chronicles Facebook page, reiterated how excited the group behind the campaign is about the potential for a show.

“I have no financial gain from this. Right now, this is a passion project. Something that I’m excited about, others are excited about, especially Joe. If you could help us out, that would be great.”

Donahue believes that a television series like this in Jacksonville could provide a great boost to the local economy. He points to the success of The Walking Dead and its effect on Senoia, Georgia. His greatest hope for this campaign is that this series can be picked up and filmed in Jacksonville, and that a new tourist environment will spring up in the area.

The Indiegogo page for The Chameleon Stone Chronicles can be found here.

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