JSU prepares for second drama production of the year

Sydney Spencer, A&E Reporter

The Jacksonville State University Drama Department is having another production before the end of fall semester. This play is called The Flick and will be directed by professor Carrie Colton. Carrie Colton is an acting, speech, and voice professor here at Jacksonville State. She usually focuses on musical theatre and Shakespeare, but decided to take on the job because it is pretty rare for her to get to work on something different and the story behind the play is very touching.

The Flick is a play that was written in 2012 and won the Pulitzer Prize in 2014. It is about three people in a failing movie theater who are talking about their lives and why society is failing. They also discuss why they themselves are not happy in their own different ways. It focuses on two men one of which is a young African American male who is acting while in college and an older white male who has made acting his career. Their different lives and backgrounds make them the best of friends and also the best of enemies. You watch their friendship grow and wither as the play goes along. The audience will experience a mix of emotions from laughter, to sadness, and back to happy.

With changing directors during production, the cast had to adjust and still be able to produce an up to par play by the first show. Colton says, “I didn’t even cast this play…our previous director did.”

She adds how when she initially took the job she had no idea where to start, but the cast knew the play better than she did, so she was able to direct along the way. The cast has only had two and a half weeks of rehearsal, but they have done a lot of character work and kept the raw emotion that the actors had already found.

Colton explains how “you are never going to see anything like this because it is not a common play that is done a lot or something they are going to make into a movie.”

When asked how fun production has been she says she would give it an 8.5 because “fun is not the word I’d use.” The last day of rehearsals ended with everyone crying because the story has some moments that hit a little too close to home. The story does end with an uplifting message to balance out emotions. There are only two opportunities for this production to be seen and they are November 29th and 30th which is this Thursday and Friday at the Stone Center. It is ten dollars if you are a student and free if you are in a theater class at Jacksonville State.

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