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Breanna Hill, News Editor

Growing up, a number of us were exposed to school systems that had praised the athletic programs and barely supported the arts. The dwindling percentage of students joining these performing arts programs is truly heartbreaking. I was a tiny little sixth grader when I picked up a trumpet for the first time, and it completely changed my life. I began to appreciate music more, and art, and writing, and everything to do with the concept of expressing yourself through these activities.

Schools should not be letting these programs seem as if they aren’t as important as the athletics. It should be equal. There should be shown support for the band members and the incredible artists who put as much effort into their passions as a football player or a soccer player does.

It takes talent and pure determination for all extracurricular activities which is why all of them should be supported in every way possible.

Next time you’re at a football game instead of going to the bathroom during halftime stay and watch the halftime show. I can promise you the band worked incredibly hard to not only memorize the music that they play, but also to memorize all the steps and positions that they make out on the field in front of you—and watching

it really does mean the world to them. Go to an art gallery every now and then, look at the art and think about how  important it is. It’s important enough that someone took the time to create one of their beautiful ideas and share it with the world.

Appreciate the arts.

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