TMB employee collects caps for cancer patients


The collection bucket for Todd Craven’s campaign to raise money for cancer patients through plastic bottle caps. (JSU Campus Bookstore)

Scott Young, Staff Reporter

Todd Craven, a longtime employee of the food court at JSU, is collecting any plastic bottle caps to raise money for cancer patients.

Many students have already stopped by to give their caps, whether from a water bottle or a soda.

“If you have a Coke or Water in your backpack, don’t throw out the cap!! Please see Todd in the TMB foodcourt…he has a bin set up, or he will be glad to pick them up from you,” the JSU Campus Bookstore posted on their Facebook page. “Thanks for supporting the good deeds of our fellow Gamecocks.”

Whereas plastic bottle caps are typically thrown away in the trash to be littered in a landfill, you can now donate them to raise money for cancer patients.

According to the Plastic Oceans Foundation, more than eight million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans each year. Every little bit that we contribute helps to reduce the amount that is invading our oceans and interrupting our marine ecosystems, while also helping out for a good cause.

If you’re interested in donating, the bin can be found near the trash disposal areas in the TMB. Collection will be ending December 6, so hurry in to donate your plastic caps for an important cause.

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