JSU student honored for role in She Kills Monsters

Sydney Spencer , A&E Reporter

It has been a week since the final show of She Kills Monsters, and one of Jacksonville State University’s students has been nominated for her role to compete in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. Her name is Chloe Barnes and she is a junior Drama major with a concentration in performance.

The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival is a national theatre program involving twenty thousand students from colleges and universities nationwide annually. For fifty years and counting, the Kennedy Center has been profound for making the quality of college theater performances astounding and enhancing every actor’s skill set and ability to the best they can.

Chloe began acting her junior year of high school.

When asked why she started acting,  Barnes says, “I had always been into the arts such as band and dance, so I knew I wanted to be involved in art classes when theatre classes were introduced to my school.”

For the production of She Kills Monsters, Barnes feels it went really well.

“The director, cast, crew, designers, and everyone involved worked extremely hard to make this show happen and I am so proud of what we were able to accomplish,” Barnes said.

Going into the show of She Kills Monsters, Barnes just wanted to put on the best performance she could and ended up exceeding expectations. Her nomination for the festival has brought light to her true talent.

When asked what this nomination means to her she says, “I am very honored by this nomination. I went into the production not only hoping people would love it, but that everyone would be touched by the story and truly get something out of it. The fact I received a nomination for my role is just the cherry on top.”

The message of the play is surrounded by female empowerment and equality. Barnes plays the younger sister of Agnes Evans, Tilly, who passes away in a car accident. She fights alongside her sister in a D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) game she created before she passes away. This is how she and her sister are able to create a bond and get to know each other better after not being close while she was alive. As the game goes on she ends up revealing a personal lifestyle her sister knew nothing about, which makes her sister feel guilty for not being someone she could lean on when she needed to talk.

Barnes is looking forward to taking on more roles as she knows acting is something she would like to pursue as a career. 

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