Changing your major: Being unsure is okay

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Breanna Hill, News Editor

When every young adult transitions into college it can be a bit worrisome when trying to decide on a major. Going into college with an undecided major is always an option, but the educators many of us dealt with during our high school careers made it seem like being undecided was a choice we would end up regretting. What those educators failed to mention, or rather decided not to mention, is that 75 percent of college students end up changing their majors during some point in their college career.

Changing your major is a big decision and can alter your whole pathway, so being sure about the change is always smart. There are several things to consider when it comes to making such a big decision. When the thought of changing your major comes to mind, it’s best to think about it and get some insight to see if it’s really the best option for you. A good tip to always keep in mind is to do a bit of research—whether it be about the other career paths you’re interested in or about a broad department on campus. Along with researching the major departments and possible majors, a good idea is to get in contact with the head of the department you’re thinking about transitioning to—they’re always willing to sit down, talk to you and give you a bit of insight on the inner workings of the department as a whole.

Make sure before you change your major that you have all the information about the process as you can, and that you think it’s the best decision for you, because in the end going into school undecided about your major is okay. Changing your major is okay. Being unsure is okay.

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