JSU goes trick-or-treating: SGA holds annual Harvest Fest


The Jacksonville Community gathered for the SGA’s annual Harvest Festival Monday night. (JP Wood/ The Chanticleer)

JP Wood, Staff Reporter

The quad was packed Monday night for the Jacksonville State University Student Government Association’s annual Harvest Festival.

Booths from campus organizations lined the sidewalks with games and candy for the Jacksonville community as well as JSU students and faculty. The event, much like welcome week’s Spirit on Mountain Street, is an opportunity for outreach from the University—namely, the SGA—to the city.

“We just love to do this with our community and give our students the chance to interact with them more” said SGA president Kasey Gamble of the Harvest Fest.

Each organization is given the opportunity to set up at the event. They are encouraged to incorporate a game or activity, and candy for the students of Jacksonville.

“We have about 20 organizations here, which is super awesome,” said Gamble.

Freshman Forum, the Public Relations Student Society of America, multiple Greek houses, and JSU Athletics, among many more, were represented Monday night.

The festivities also included a performance from the “Crazy About Dance” Dance Studio.

The Jack Hopper Dining Hall also participated in the event, hosting a night of carnival style food to fit in with the theme on the quad.

Speaking on her term of SGA President, Gamble said she’s noticed an uptick in student participation of campus events.

“I think everyone’s just grateful to be back” she said, in reference to the wake of the March tornado. “The school pride that I’ve seen has been amazing.”

Gamble said she wants to push for the best possible experience for students at JSU. Given the turnout, excitement and fun of the Harvest Fest this year, the Gamble-led SGA is making good on that goal.

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