JSU Students for Equality holds second annual Cocky Pride Parade

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JSU Students gather for a group picture at the 2nd Annual LGBTQ+ Cocky Pride Parade (Scott Young/The Chanticleer)

Scott Young, Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, October 17, Jacksonville State University students gathered in front of the TMB to participate in the 2nd Annual LGBTQ+ Cocky Pride Parade organized by the JSU Students for Equality.

With glowsticks in hand and rainbow flags flying, students marched around Trustee Circle in what many participants said was a proud demonstration of who they are.

“There was something richly fulfilling about that night,” said Anh Nguyen. “Being part of the small, yet rambunctious, crowd just celebrating everyone’s company.”

As folks marched around the circle, many students sang along to music and cheered as they marched confidently around campus. Among many, their reason for attending was to unapologetically show to the world that they are happy to be in the LGBT community.

“I believe that, in this day and age, it’s very important to express one’s sexuality to let people know that we are here and we’re not going anywhere,” said Matthew Reeves. “The expression of your sexuality is who you are; it’s your voice. We will not be erased, and we will not be silenced.”

JSU Students for Equality is an organization, according to the JSU website, that is “committed to diversity and inclusion through providing resources and advocacy for students from historically marginalized populations.”

Sandra Elliot, co-President of JSU Students for Equality encourages students to attend the show She Kills Monsters, where her organization will have a table for the event October 26 and October 29.

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