‘Hybrid’ restaurant to open in Jacksonville

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Heirloom Taco shares progress on their new food truck/restaurant hybrid, which they say will open in November.

Quadarius Whitson, Staff Reporter

Have you ever heard of a “hybrid” restaurant before?

Owners Aurella and Shane Gowens are looking to bring this nonfamiliar concept to the Jacksonville Area with the opening of their restaurant, Heirloom Taco. Heirloom Taco is a Mexican inspired food truck and traditional restaurant hybrid that is currently being built inside the old fire station located on the square in Jacksonville.

Mrs. Gowens, a JSU alumna, says she hopes to build a place where college kids as well as other people in the community feel welcomed.

“It feels like there is something missing to tie the entire community together,” Gowens said. “I feel like this could be the perfect medium for the community.”

Although opening for this restaurant isn’t set in stone, the owners estimate it opening sometime in mid to late November. The Gowens are extremely excited for opening day and are eager to take a shot at this interesting concept.

“We’re going to have some seating outside when the weather’s nice and have the garage doors open. It’s just going to be a stand-alone truck with a venue,” Mrs. Gowens said.

Mr. and Mrs. Gowens give all the credit to their families when it comes to their love for food service and for opening their food truck. The name “Heirloom” refers to the family atmosphere that they say they want to be at the core of their restaurant.

“For me, I am always trying to build something or just create anything, so cooking is a good outlet for me,” Mr. Gowens said.

“Cada mano tiene su sazón” or “every hand has its seasoning” is the motto that the owners have come up with for their restaurant. “Everybody cooks differently and you have to appreciate every different thing for what it is.”

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  1. Jordan Jameson | October 25, 2018 at 2:51 pm | Reply

    Great idea. Food and community, love it! I’ll be on the look out for opening day.

  2. What’s on the menu?

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