Congressman Mike Rogers Seeking Ninth Term to Represent Alabama’s 3rd District


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Scott Young, Staff Reporter

A graduate of Jacksonville State University, Congressman Mike Rogers has represented Alabama’s 3rd Congressional District since 2003, bringing a conservative voice to Washington. Prior to his service in the House of Representatives, Rogers served in the Alabama House of Representatives, representing constituents In Calhoun, Talladega, and St. Clair counties.

Rogers has been a vocal supporter for many of President Trump’s policies, including tariffs on foreign goods, a border wall on the southern border, and establishing a Space Force as a sixth branch of the military. In his re-election campaign, Rogers has touted the performance of the economy since the President’s election in 2016.

“We have reduced regulations, we have cut taxes, we have started stripping back the oppressive burden of Dodd-Frank on the financial systems,” says Rogers. “Now you see the economy is white hot and growing.”

Many Democrats have argued that the economy has improved even before President Trump’s election, citing consistently lowering unemployment figures since 2010 and a reduction in deficit spending toward the end of President Obama’s term. During a speech at the University of Illinois, Obama told the crowd to “remember when this recovery started.”

“That’s idiotic and laughable,” said Rogers in response to those claims. “The guy was President for eight years and it was a nightmare. Trump comes in. Don’t believe me, go and look at it; the stock market started going up in November after he was elected.”

Since the President’s inauguration, the unemployment rate has dropped by 1.1%, the Dow Jones has risen by about 28% and the economy grew at a pace of 4.1% in the second quarter of 2018. The specific assignment of who is responsible for the economy is a polarizing issue that many people disagree on.

Mike Rogers, the incumbent Republican, and his challenger, Mallory Hagan, the Democratic nominee, will face off in the midterm election on Tuesday, November 6. Students are encouraged to register to vote before the deadline of October 22 and cast their vote in the midterms.

The Chanticleer’s entire interview with Rogers can be found by clicking here. Last week’s interview with Democratic nominee Mallory Hagan can be found here.

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