Venom Bites

James King, A&E Writer

The Venom movie is one of the most unoriginal movies I have seen this year. The first 5 minutes of the movie reminded me of the Rampage movie from earlier this year, that involved a similar plot point of an evil company using science from space that ended up creating monsters. The rest reminded me of the another movie from this year called Upgrade, in which a man is implanted with a computer chip in his brain, granting him a voice in his head and superhuman abilities. On top of all that, parts of this movie feel like the scripts of the 90s Spawn movie, The Nightmare On Elm Street movies, and the Lethal Weapon movies were mixed together in a blender.

The motivations for every single character make little to no sense. The main bad symbiote, Riot, travels for most of the movie only to end up where he would of been anyway if he hadn’t escaped earlier in the movie. The human villain’s motivation is confused. He is afraid of global warming and wants to use the symbiotes make people more than human to explore space, but he already is exploring space at the beginning of the movie. The movie is so badly written that Eddie Brock, our protagonist, could be taken out and the story would still work with a few minor rewrites.  Eddie is hard to understand too. The actor Tom Hardy mumbles much of his dialogue for the entire run time . I know that Eddie Brock is a muckraker reporter with a show, but the movie doesn’t bother to tell you if it’s online or on Television or even if it’s popular. There is a love interest, but she is basically just there to help Eddie a little and start the plot.

There is a ton of this movie that feels like wasted potential. This movie features about 4 or 5 symbiotes, but the movie only uses two of them, WHY? This movie has very few good jokes and it uses most of them in the trailers. It has symbiotes jump from person to person and even into animals, but it doesn’t do anything interesting with that idea. The action scenes are hard to follow and confusing, mainly because the symbiotes are close to the same color. It references spider-man lore, but they don’t connect to anything or push the plot. The main human villain is charismatic, but somehow isn’t memorable at all. The movie even fails to do much visually interesting with the symbiotes.

I did enjoy this movie at the end of the day, but I enjoyed this as a so bad it’s good movie. It’s flaws become a strength and it becomes much funnier and much more enjoyable that way. It did manage to entertain me despite its many, many flaws. It does have a few fun ideas, but they’re buried under borrowed or confused ones. Go into it with low expectation and you might just enjoy the film.




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