Love is ON the Air: JSU students get engaged at WLJS


JSU Students Bethany Hunt and Breihan Dryden got engaged on the air at WLJS on September 26. (Patrick Yim, Yim Creations)

Sean Collier, A&E Writer

On September 26, The Alabama and Friends concert was not the only wonderful event to happen at JSU. That night at JSU’s radio station, 91.9 WLJS, JSU student Breihan Dryden proposed to WLJS Program Director Bethany Hunt on air.

Dryden proposed to Hunt on his show Electric Hearts, a music/talk show run by Breihan and his brother Torsten. They started their show normally as they would any other week, then brought Bethany onto the show about halfway through. Between each music segment they asked her about some of her favorite songs, musicians, etc. Then shortly after giving a few of her answers, he popped the question and she said yes.

Hunt says she did not suspect anything out of the ordinary in the moments leading up to the proposal.

“I was not expecting it at all. No one who knew gave me any hints whatsoever,” Hunt said. “I normally pop in on the show, so nothing seemed too abnormal when he asked me to come and talk about music midtown. However, when my assistant program director/best friend came in the room with a camera in his lap I thought something was up. That was about sixty seconds before he asked me though so I didn’t quite have enough time to realize that was happening.”

Breihan and Bethany are both communications students who are also members of the communications fraternity Zeta Phi Eta. Dryden is a DJ on multiple shows, and can also be recognized as an Arts & Entertainment Writer for The Chanticleer. Bethany, alongside having her own radio shows, has been the program director for a year. They both host a show on Monday mornings called B&B’s Morning Power Hour.

When asked what was going through his head before the proposal, Dryden said he was mostly worried that she would hit him for proposing on air. Afterwards when asked about his thoughts, he said: “I am very literally the happiest and luckiest man on the planet.”

It was such a tender and beautiful moment. The expression she made when he asked her was priceless and you could immediately tell how happy they both were. Having the opportunity to be there to witness two of my friends take a big step in their relationship was an honor. To the both of you, I hope there are many more moments like this in the future.



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