JSU soccer suffers defeat from Murray State

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Garrett Sanders, Sports Writer

Up next for the Gamecocks after a day of rest would be against Murray State. This is a team that had dominated the OVC winning the conference the year before and dominated so far this season.

For the Gamecocks once again, they couldn’t hold possession of the ball. Murray State had the ball in the Gamecock defensive side all game long. In the first half, Murray State had 12 shots compared to JSU’s two shots. With the Racers shooting the ball in the Gamecock defensive side, a goal was bound to happen. In the 14th minute, Symone Cooper for the Racers found the back of the net. This made it 1-0.

Fortunately for JSU, this would be the only scored goal of the first half. Going into halftime being down 1-0, the Gamecocks were confident they could fight and scratch their way back. Despite having made halftime adjustments, it would not get any better for JSU.

Once again, the Racers were in the Gamecock defensive zone all second half. To make things worse, the Racers had even more shots than they did in the first half. Overall, the Gamecocks had no answers to this Murray State attack.

In the 54th minute, Murray State’s Miyah Watford was looking for a pass. Abby Jones for the Racers found her way open, and Watford passed the ball to her. Jones then took a chance and shot the ball. The ball was shot perfectly, and it found its way into the back of the net. This made it 2-0.

Murray State showed no mercy. In the 67th minute, the Racers had yet another opportunity to increase their lead. Abby Jones had the ball and passed it to Elizabeth Tilton. Tilton seized the opportunity and struck a beauty to the back of the net. This made it 3-0.

If you thought that Murray State would stop scoring and stall out, think again. The Racers were out to completely dominate the Gamecocks. The shots kept on coming, and in the 83rd minute, the Racers had another opportunity to score.

Miyah Watford had the ball in the Gamecocks defensive side and found an opportunity to score. Watford shot the ball and found her way into the back of the net. This made it 4-0. That would be the final score for this matchup.

Despite JSU getting entirely outplayed by both of these teams, there is hope, Austin Peay and Murray State have more experience than the Gamecocks. Don’t let these two games make you think this JSU team isn’t excellent. This is a very young team with minimal experience. It takes time to build a strong foundation to have a successful team.

While the Gamecocks may be young and inexperienced, this is a team that has shown signs of great potential. The talent is there, and as time passes, you will see improvement. This team has fought all year long and will continue to do so. It is only a matter of time when this team will be competing for an OVC Championship.

This Friday and Sunday will be the next matchups for the Gamecocks. On Friday JSU will be hosting Belmont, and on Sunday JSU will be hosting Tennessee Martin. Both of these games will be in Jacksonville and admission is free.

Belmont will be an exciting matchup. This is a team that has a decent amount of good players and can produce a lot of offense. Tennessee Martin will be a very challenging matchup for the Gamecocks. This is a team that is in firm control of winning the OVC this year and has dominated in conference play. If you are looking for a fun day

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