Jo Jo’s creates Cajun connection in Jacksonville

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Jo Jo’s Po’Boy Shack brings Cajun flavor to Jacksonville


Quadarius WhitsonStaff Writer

Jacksonville residents no longer have to go on a road trip to find authentic Cajun flavors. Recently opened Jo Jo’s Po’Boy Shack is located on 1725 Broadwell Mill Road, which is a near 5-minute drive from JSU’s campus. Owners, Shane Weaver and Dianna Weaver recently opened this Cajun inspired restaurant looking to bring something “different” to the Jacksonville area.

“You can’t really get any good Cajun food around here in Calhoun County,” Mrs. Weaver said.

According to the owners, a lot of inspiration for the restaurant came from their late miniature pinscher dog, Jo Jo. “He’s in everything we do around here. We came up with the name Jo Jo’s Po’Boy Shack because it kind of just flowed together, especially being here in the South.”

Despite the name, this shack has a lot more to offer than just Po’boys. They have nearly 50 menu items ranging from Crawfish Etouffee, Seafood Gumbo, and more. Amazingly, the owners plan on expanding their menu even further in the near future.

“We’re trying to add to our menu. We wanted to start out with a basic menu that offered a good variety of sizes and flavors. As we grow and become more in depth in what we are doing, we’ll start adding to the menu here and there.”

When asked about how business was going, the owners replied with “steady”.

“A personal connection is what it takes to stay here for a long time. To be personal with the people that come in here and to cater to every need that they have when they come in here is everything.”

Mr. and Mrs. Weaver relate a lot of their success to the family-oriented base of Jo Jo’s.

“They’ll just start coming in here and rearranging furniture to make it like home and that’s what we want it to feel like,” Mrs. Weaver said.

Although normal business hours are usually Tuesday through Saturday, with times varying, for the month of October, the owners decided to do something special for the public. They will be opening on Sundays from 11am-3pm to feature Fresh Farm Raised Catfish and any of their signature Po’Boys.

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