How to Improve your study habits

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Breanna Hill, News Editor

Students of all ages have, at one time, been subject to procrastinating when it comes to studying or doing homework assignments—this often leads to all-nighters, consumption of energy drinks and coffee, and the process of cramming as much information into our brains as possible. Definitely not a good idea.

There are ways to improve study habits, which include, and aren’t limited to, bettering your process of note taking, managing your time better and improving your memory.

When it comes to note taking many students forget to jot down small, yet key, details that end up showing up on the exam later on. It is also suggested to write down all of the information given to you by your teacher or instructor, no matter how sloppy and messy your notes can get. Then when you have some free time later, rewrite your notes neatly on a new piece of paper, not only are the notes neat but also you’re also going over the information unknowingly as you rewrite them down. Another tip is to compare your notes with your classmates in case you may have missed anything or vice versa.

Everybody struggles with time management, and it can be one of the most frustrating pieces of the puzzle when it comes to your studying process. The first thing that will help organize your time a bit better is to invest in some sort of planner, or calendar. With a planner or calendar students are able write down upcoming assignments, tests, and projects; check it every day. Marking off completed assignments may even cause you to release a sigh of relief.

Improving your memory may seem like an impossible task, but by following key steps the goal is easy to achieve. Face it, most of the information from certain classes are difficult for students to process, and understand. An easier way to remember this information is to summarize it in your own words, that way you’re able to comprehend it a bit easier. Organizing the information into separate categories is also a great way to simplify it in your stored memory. For example, group all of the vocabulary terms together or all of the discussion questions together.

Combining all of the study tips will lead you to having an easier time with even the toughest of classes. Try them out and make sure to give yourself a break when it’s well deserved.

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