Staying healthy at Jacksonville State

Stephenson Gym.

Stephenson Hall provides workout options for students to stay healthy during the college grind. (Steve Latham/JSU)

Breanna HillNews Editor

Fast food and non-existent work out routines–these two habits are the major causes of obesity and lack of good nutrition in the US today. Think about it. Those who live on college campuses, much like Jacksonville State University, are drawn to fast food chains and unhealthy food options because it is quick, cheap, and available. We have all been subject to grab Chick-fil-a on a night when cramming for a test is the only thing on the brain.

Despite having a great workout destination right here on campus (Stephenson Hall), most of us neglect to take advantage of the outstanding resources that is offered to us through JSU, such as yoga and basic cardio classes and the gym equipment. Even a simple cardio routine that takes less than thirty minutes a day or even taking a few of the classes in Stephenson a few times a week can slow down, or even completely halt the weight gain that all haunts college students today. Studies show that 70% of college students suffer from weight gain throughout their college experience.

Avoiding weight gain can be a bit more difficult than expected, especially when you are out on your own. Simply keeping up with the calories you consume, and having a steady, constant workout routine can help make things a bit easier.

Make it a habit to choose a healthier option every now and then, and grab a friend and head to Stephenson. A difference in your appearance and even your attitude will be noticed.

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