Kolectic Treasures brings ‘antique’ atmosphere to Jacksonville


Kolectic Treasures Antique Market recently opened for business on the Square in Jacksonville. (Daniel Mayes/The Chanticleer)

Lauren Moore, Staff Writer

Some say making a good first impression is crucial to success; and, if that is the case, Kolectic Treasures Antique Market is off to a phenomenal start.

The store, which branched off of a location of the same name in Anniston, officially opened for business on September 5 on Jacksonville’s square.

The unique yellow sign above the store’s entrance portrays only a fraction of interesting items inside. When the doors open, it is nearly overwhelming to see the amount of decades and memories collected by each piece.

The antique business is something that owner Jason Kellner has been involved in throughout his life. His family business began in Florida, and, when he decided a change was needed for himself, he began his own antique store here in Alabama.

“My family has been doing it for about 50 years,” Kellner stated, ”so I decided I wanted to start helping people sell their handmade, vintage items, and help them make a little money here and there.”

Kolectic Treasures allows vendors, or anyone with something unique to sell, to rent one of a few booths in the store to put their items on the market.

“Kolectic Treasures” has been a name in the works since he was 19 years old, and Kellner had always dreamed of using it for a business.

When asked about his favorite antique item currently in the store, Kellner was quick to point out a cabinet displayed in the front window.

“And what is the oldest piece in here?” I questioned. Smiling, he mentioned it was that same cabinet. “There might be older in here, but that is probably one of the oldest.”

As for the growth of the store, Kellner hopes to keep the family appeal. “I just want somewhere people can come in and feel like friends and family. When people come in here, I just want it to be calming… for them to kind of be able to get away from the outside world.”

Although new, this place embraces all of the qualities that one would hope for in an antique store. Rows are filled with old yet fascinating artifacts, each one having a story as special as the next.

Kolectic Treasures is something exciting for Jacksonville residents, and will hopefully bring even more buisness into the town’s busy square.

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