Joystick Junkies

Hosts: Sean Collier, Taylor Mitchell, and Breihan Dryden

Time: Mondays 5-6 pm

Joystick Junkies is the brand spanking new name for the award winning radio show Arcade Fire. Along with the new name we have also picked up a new host in Breihan Dryden, who you may recognize from Electric Hearts and his work with The Sunsets. Despite all these changes, Joystick Junkies is committed to continuing providing the same “quality” content. Come join us as we deliver news, opinions, and perspective on all the gaming topics you’re interested in.

This is where we go full disclosure here and say this is a show hosted by three idiots who like games. We consequently talk about games and have a great time doing it. Its kinda been the core of the show since the beginning. We are really proud that we have been able to stick to that core premise and we really hope everyone stays on board with us.

With new host Breihan, expect even more hilarity than you have grown to love. Now, we have two highly vocal loudmouths to blow out your ears each week, and Sean is still there too. We also have Taylor playing all the David Bowie he can find on break, if we even at all remember to have one. We also have a new time slot that may honestly be the same time slot and I am just forgetting. Either way we are on air Mondays from 5 pm to 6 pm. Sean just told me that is totally the same time slot and that I am dumb. Thanks for that bro, I needed that. So same time slot so really no excuse to not check it out. I mean unless you just don’t like video games which is perfectly fine I suppose, but hey still give it a try.



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