Six Months


Daniel Mayes, Editor-in-Chief

Six months.

Six months since a quiet Monday during spring break morphed into something much worse.

Six months since the warnings from James Spann put fear, and caution, into the minds of all.

Six months since home no longer looked like home.

Six months since the homes of some could no longer be home.

Six months since a lot of lives changed.

Six months since the fact that lives were merely changed and not, thankfully, lost, was the only glimmer of hope for a community and university now thrust into agony.

Six months since March 19 became the new April 27 for Jacksonville, Alabama.

Six months since anyone that ever was connected to Jacksonville State woke up with a feeling of emptiness.

In those six short months, we’ve come a long way.

Sure, the scars are still there. On the campus. On the community. On its people.

We could have let that tornado rip us apart. It certainly did the town and campus. We’ve been left to deal with these problems, and there have been disagreements along the way.

We could complain about the way the University is handling things. About the issues with campus and off-campus housing within the city. We could complain about having to navigate a mazing morass of fences to get to class or having to strain to hear our instructors above the unavoidable noises of construction outside.

But for the most part, we’ve come together to show great patience, understanding, love and compassion in a time of need for so many. We’ve grasped the larger picture. We’ve understood that it could have been so much worse.

We’ve proven time and time again that the reason Jacksonville is “home” is not because of the houses or buildings or land or trees that will never be the same again, but because of the people that the tornado, thankfully, spared.

We really are “#GamecockStrong.”


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