Hurricane Florence devastation draws response


Breanna Hill, News Editor

The devastation of Hurricane Florence is nowhere close to being over. The massive storm that hit North and South Carolina has claimed at least 33 lives and has sent approximately 10,000 people to shelters in North Carolina. Authorities have stated that there are roughly still 343,000 people without power in North Carolina, and there is no way of knowing when that conflict will be resolved.

It is overwhelming to know that several towns recorded receiving over 30 inches of rain since this past Thursday. Despite some sunshine showing across the Carolinas, the flooding is continuing to damage houses, buildings, and other various properties throughout the states that Florence hit.

The cry for help sounded loudly and people from all over the US immediately began taking action. Twenty thousand federal personnel were deployed to help with the terrible destruction that the storm brought along with it. Not only are federal personnel stepping in to lend a helping hand, but several celebrities and giving citizens are contributing as well.

Tons of celebrities have used social media to reach out to those affected by the devastation that hurricane Florence has caused. Cher, Stephen Curry, Luke Evans, and many others took to twitter to share their thoughts and prayers for the citizens of North and South Carolina. NBA legend Michael Jordan, who was raised in Wilmington, North Carolina, is donating $2 million to the American Red Cross and the Foundation for the Carolinas’ Hurricane Florence Response Fund.  Jordan who is currently the co-chairman of the Charlotte Hornets, is also gathering 100 members of the Hornets organization to pack disaster food boxes to send to various locations around the Carolinas.

Even with all of the outpouring love, prayers, and help being sent, there is still a long road to recovery. An economic consulting firm has stated that the damage that hurricane Florence caused may result anywhere in between 17 and 22 billion in property damage and economic output; this would put hurricane Florence in the top 10 costliest hurricanes that has hit the US.

US citizens are banding together in order to help recover from the damage that the hurricane brought. There are many ways you can help out. Below are a few ways to help with the recovery process.

You can call 1-800-RED-CROSS

You can text 90999 and type Florence

You can mail a check to:

ABC7 Hurricane Florence Relief

P.O. Box 5967.

Glendale, CA 91221

Make checks out to the American Red Cross and put “Florence Relief” in the memo line.

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